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Our EENDAG epic continues with a short history of Kevin and his dream to change the world for the better with robotics:
A technological-looking creature rised from within the city of London today, and continued to make a few apparently paranoid maneuvres, asif fleeing from something or someone.
What would time travel look like? It's probably easy to imagine once you think about it. Now how to recreate that...
The EENDAG time travelling robot, or "Kronobot" (pronouned Kron-oh-bawt), has a sporty new look.
MooiFlieks, the team behind the EENDAG culture, has announced today that it shall make EENDAG more accessible to English speakers who are interested to join in the fantastic world of EENDAG.
Our latest release of EENDAG features some really cool nature photography. Valleys, canyons, and aerial photography are among the beautiful surroundings you can view our characters in!
We'd like to give you a sneak preview into our movie that is currently taking shape. Please enjoy the preview clip!
So how do you depict a character over a long period of time? Use different actors in order of younger to older? Make-up to make an actor old? Pff, that's so passé. Simply keep traveling in time instead!
Usually people ask me what EENDAG means. I can translate it literally, but today I'm going to tell you exactly what it means to me.
To make a movie or not to make a movie, that has always been the question. Which path to choose? I choose the path of making a movie!
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