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When Krassy came to work for Mother, Krassy was so nice. She was shyish and quiet and did her work fast without any problems. She only worked about two or three days a week and got paid per day in money and teabags, a loaf of bread and a can of fish. Not long after, she expressed he...
Grey is an intermediate colour between black and white Grey Zone or Grey area, An area of uncertainty or indeterminacy Grey Day pop song was written by Mike Barson and recorded by Madness Grey's Anatomy, American television series Grey Hair The pigmentation of hair follicles
My views of the political campaigning for 2015 general election.
The Tory Party conference arrived in Manchester this week, a blue-clad juggernaut driving through one of the reddest of cities, politically at least. On Monday, we heard how George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, plans to reorganise the benefit system; this is why you should den...
Mankind toils and labours to find something of value in the mines of this world , but God sees the true value of man in our hearts.
It would seem that to achieve true Peace , there often seems a time of war or trouble that precedes it ......
Very few good workser are available to do a full weeks work, there is plenty to do in the Lords house, but not many willing hands
Some people don’t want to work, they just want to have friends with benefits, and live off other people's energy, some will steal other people’s property, and others will claim what they have not put anything into.
Factors of production are the five essential elements needed in the production process to fully be able to produce a product to market. They consist of Land, Capital, Labor, Information & Entrepreneurship.
Going into labour can be a stressful time for all mothers to be. However, you can make the whole event a lot easier by preparing well and packing in advance. Here is a list of things to pack to ensure you are all ready for the big day!
Questions we'd like to see asked of the leading Republican candidates at Wednesday's debate
No child wants to be deprived of his childhood by working as child labourer. Many of them blame their alcoholic and illiterate parents for their predicament. Child labour is a complex problem with far- reaching ramifications
A brief trail through the recent history of the UK and how societies expectations have changed.
The proverb means that a great work cannot be done in a short time. Every great work requires hard labor and continued efforts.
The musings of a doula. Life in the fast lane of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
Politics effects all of our lives and 2011 will be a tough year for all but a priveleged few.
Nitrous oxide analgesia during labor is a mild alternative to the extremes of epidural anaesthesia and completely unmedicated birth.
I barely stand on my feet for one third of one day. But the lesson learn is precious.
The human body requires exercise. Exercise keeps body fit and healthy. Body becomes weak and unhealthy without exercise. Some people do manual labour, such as soldiers, peasants and labourers. Physical exercise is not necessary for them.
When a new baby is born, the baby cries. The parents feel very happy about their child then being born. But this cry, having a happiness emotionally, also has a very important biological importance. Well, let me explain to you how.
Pity that all of us wish to do our bit but helpless due to the situation and circumstances that we put ourselves in.
Many women are opting for water births lately, but what are the facts?
The polls suggest an indecisive result and voters have a unique opportunity. Party politics has shown it cares little for what people really want so vote the best people in not a party.
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