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There are ladies everywhere and some of them are not what we would wish to see or even know...some here are on wikinut but those we delete or give them to the wolf to enjoy this magical piece just as i do...
Now a days most of the males wish to have a girl friend other than wife, so more people are interested to dating sites. These sites are luring with ladies and gents photos and they are charging some amount for premium membership with that gents may not send or contact ladies.
Hip hop music has become an avenue for nudity among ladies. This trend must be check if dignity is to be restored to womanhood
About a common person with dreams of become a poet in order to enter a certain cafe and get closer to a certain female poet. The clashing rhythm is intentional. a dating site of UK for married people, conducted a survey with their 3000 members and know that the ladies loose weight up to 10 lbs and the gents loose weight up to 6 lbs.
Every woman is different; if they were all the same, you wouldn't be interested in this one in particular, now would you? There are as many different ways to attract a woman as there are women, so let's go over some basic rules that will win over any woman worth getting.
Once again the 70 years old invention of sawdust bath is latest Bizare beauty treatment in Japan. Ladies are using several kinds of form to keep their skin beautiful
To got the plenty of exposure on their advertisements, Japanese PR company began paying young women women to wear advertising stickers on their "absolute territory"
There is exclusive deluxe sex shop cum bar for ladies in Shibuya diversion region of Tokyo, Japan. This bar is only ladies for their chit chat to share their sexual feelings and for masturbation
A group of ladies wearing Gulabi dress made as Gulabi gang, to protest the crimes on ladies. The gang comprises of 10,000 people wearing pink dress
There are lot of difference in men and women behavior in their life styles, ladies are pretty, delicate, enchanting and alluring.
Most ladies get discouraged when they are cheated on-get to know some of those reasons you man could cheat on you and probably keep your man for good.
There may be lot of dis-advantages by using un-fitted bra, it may lead to breast cancer also.
A list of the top five most ridiculous feminine products.
our women are under-appreciate. it hurts me to see men abusing women when they should be loving them and pampering them like the queens and princesses they are.
This is an interview I sent to our local paper to increase awareness of Women's Soccer. I am the Vice President of Women's Soccer and think it's a wonderful game. Regardless of skill or age, soccer is for everyone!
What really happened to the old school brothers? Those treated ladies like royalty not like objects?
Sometimes one may like to be in a certain position,only to be shown that it was not worthwhile in the process of time.
Japanese ladies are celebrating Wooden tub festival in Ito city as a traditional festival, hundreds of people participate in the festival from all over the world
This poem was brewing for quite some time. A year perhaps, I just didn’t know how to write it all down and type it all in. I’m not a kid who thinks of girls in a sexual manner, as a matter of fact, I’m one of the few in my groups of friends that don’t do anything flirting. But...
OK guys, it's only fair that we know these things,now it's our turn, read about the Secrets of women's Body Language
It’s Monday morning. You open your closet and re faced with the debris for years of constructing your wardrobe–and you still have “nothing to wear.” It’s the problem that’s been plaguing and puzzling the clothing clueless for years.
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