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A piece of news sometimes brings us memories from afar that don't seem to relate to the news, but they do. This is what I thought of when I found out that her Majesty Elizabeth The Second was 90.
Are we sure to have decided on our daily diet? If you are, read Felicity Lawrence's book on what we're given to eat.
Edith Ray Hall was dead right. Food was not only sacred in her time, but it's always been sacred whether there is war, scarcity or in times of abundance and well being.
This is a real life story that one had told me once and I always find it a moving one to recall.
She is a dynamic woman as our Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia. Telangana state government appointed her as 'Brand Ambassador' of Telangana.
The world leadership are way too corrupted to legalize grass, because they'd let slip a colossal business out of their hands and pockets.
We all have to traverse many areas of life-ing in this current lifetime. So as we wander through it let us learn from what we have done so we can do even greater..more lovingly..enjoy!
A short Poem about the Life of a Lady. From the day she is born, to the day she breathes her last breath.
An intimate recollection of the wonderful women who came to my life.
A young lady was saved by a taxi dirver, when he saw a passing lady on the pavement was fallen in a ditch on the pavement until the public works people rescued her.
This is a story about a girl that plans to go to to the halloween party with her boyfriend. She plans to surprise him with the prettiest dress in all the land.
Page is about the true nature of a lady,which everyone should respect
Being an Aries I sometimes with my fiery nature do things that seemed justified when I do them but that is not a good enough excuse at least for me. So this piece is written to make amends and extend an olive branch of friendship and loving...I do hope it will be accepted.
This Poem is referred to Lady Angel's in our life, the good and the pretty Angels singing, sheltering and loving us without any wings, flying in and around in our daily life as Better-half's - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A four way poem. One about rain the other Mr, the last a lady from the city and love.
This Page is about a Story that i have worked on for a While and i want to show a Little bit of what its about The Story is about a Normal girl who travels in to the past to save it from Evil it has all kinds creatures of Magic
Even animals can feel the loss of a loved one as Lady did with her puppies, even thought they cannot express it in the same way that we can.
This page is dedicated to one of the greatest writers of magic...Tolkien his name. He lived not far away from me in Warwickshire and I much regret not having met him and been able to discuss his incredible knowing.
My increasing love for Lady Lucy Houston: a heroine today's kids won't read about in school.
she is the prime minister and played lots of roles in the UK community. She is part of the England history and here is a few lines about her.
Arlynn Presser is a 51 years lady who is living in Winnetka, Illinois, USA and is spending most of the time in the home and she is not willing to visit crowded places
A young lady named Honey from Philippines is making beautiful portraits on Banana's with pin or sharp instrument.
Masako Miztani at the age 43 looks like 20 years, she is having two children she maintains her skin with creams and vegetation.
A story about a woman who sells orange and her life this is part 1 of this story.
There are a million ways to leave planet Earth, this is one way...
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