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So, we've all travelled by car a lot. And by walking. And by flying. And by... well, whatever else. But how many of us travel great distances by swimming? That's not something you do every day, so when I think of an opportunity, I grab it!
I've been living on Tower Hills for so many years, and yet there's still cool places I can discover where I've never been! Fantastic places.
Melting glaciers, comes Love in Papua Indonesia, so wonderful lake
Benny goes for a late night swim with her best friend.
Kaco Lake is a beautiful lake which has a very clear water crystal clear even as transparent glass, the lake is never muddy. but who would have thought behind the beauty of this lake holds many mysteries in it with any past history full of question marks until today, it is said, the l...
Blazer and his friends spend a hot Summer day at the lake.
Blazer and his best friend Benny spend a hot summer day fishing at a river.
The mysterious Loch Ness Monster showed a bit a few days ago, but this time 150 miles from the place which is considered his home.
Blazer and Benny visit a lake where Blazer gives her a sweet surprise.
Stephen King chose the Thornewood castle from a list of 30 potential possibilities, because the castle matched almost identically to all of the major characteristics of the house in the movie Rose Red. According to owners Deanna and Wayne Robinson, guests have reported notable ghostly...
A true story about young love and inexperience that turns deadly.
This is a beautiful poetry to read. A must read poetry for you.
Not every lake is a lake, find out how definition of a true lake, and causes formation of a lake, just for little information
Float with us on the quiet lake under a bowlful of twinkling stars. Feel the warm water on your skin.
A man calls to his wife and says : - Darling, my boss invited me and some of his friends to go fishing in a distant lake. We will be out one week.
Researches have been found a huge lake that buried 4 km under the ice. The lake then called Lake Vostok. Lake Vostok is the biggest discovered compare to other lakes that has been found in Antarctica.
Lake Natron is one of the deadly lakes in this world that already petrified many living creatures because of the extreme condition.
The land lost with time, the land forgotten by kind, the land accessible to none. The journey of truth and discovery of oneself. Those who been there knows Ghibli.
The United Kingdom is an amazing place to visit. Read about some of the destinations.
This is on Lake Mead Las Vegas. If you love the beach, then you have to discover Las Vegas Lake mead or Lake las vegas, a treasure to be found.
During my visit to USA last week we went to a Bridal Shower. It was a most beautiful setting to enjoy a wonderful day. Read on to find out more
Kayangan Lake, is a must destination in the islands of Coron in the province of Palawan, Philippines. The awesome features of the brackishwater lake invites visitors to dive and enjoy its clear waters. Read on and see what makes Kayangan Lake famous to people from all over the world.
Recently found that water and Ice is in a lake at Vastis Borealis region which is located northern part of the Mars. There is possibility to establish a human colony in near future.
Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are funny, seeing that they give an image of you, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but never quite what is really there. Can they show the inner you – sometimes?
Man has hunted innocent animals right from the ages with his bows, arrows, guns and rifles. They have hunted for meat, skin and also for the fun of killing only.
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