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Lake Manyara National Park is a protected wildlife area lying in tropical woods at the base of the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. By the density of mammal population the shores of lake Manyara occupy leading positions in the world.
Fathom sphere spills out over the ocean, swirling winds, and storm reform where the modern cruise ship plunder the waters under camouflage veil, luxurious cruise liners Sail amidst the straights and blustery gale.
The Terai region is ill ā€“ trained and heavily forested. Many wild animals ā€“ elephants, tigers, rhinoceros deer are found in these forests.
It seems that everywhere I visit has a large body of water close to hand. It is almost enough to make folks think that I am deliberately going to places where there is water.
Kaco Lake is a beautiful lake which has a very clear water crystal clear even as transparent glass, the lake is never muddy. but who would have thought behind the beauty of this lake holds many mysteries in it with any past history full of question marks until today, it is said, the l...
Not every lake is a lake, find out how definition of a true lake, and causes formation of a lake, just for little information
Broken Hill: My dog and I would like to welcome you to our home town. We would like to start with the Zinc Lakes - lets go walking.
Nainital, the lake district of India, It is one of the best tourist destinations in India.
This page is about Africa and the good things that very few people embrace about this lovely continent
Water usually doesn't have color. It normally looks kinda blueish because of the blue sky above. Well, there are lots of mysteries around the world. Water isn't pink..It can't be pink if we normally think about it. But in Australia, there is a pink lake...Read more.
Raccoons, known for intelligence, adaptability and sociability, have evolved from tropical tree dwellers to general utility animals that take advantage of every kind of environment and every possible kind of food source, so that by now they can survive in near Arctic conditions of the...
The lakes in the high sierra's were use fro water supply for mining and domestic as well. The water is pure and cold from melted snow, the more it snows the more water we have.Good fishing in those ice cold lakes.
This is a poem written to honor the Kenyan champions. It may not be a perfect sestina poem because it utilized some flexibility. The poem seeks to honor the Kenyan champions and make a prayer for victory. The poem also lets Kenyan runners know how much their homeland is proud of their...
This a list of things we can do now to save our oceans from the downhill spiral it is currently going through. If we don't take heed now and try to fix these problems then we will have destroyed our means of survival for future generations. Not a pretty picture!
Nature's Silent Cry is about nature's plea not to be destroyed. Please respect nature.
short poem about walking and why I enjoy it at all times no matter what the weather is !
We have all enjoyed a lake at some time or another, but how much to we really know about the life of the lake itself? This article takes us through the remarkable process of lake ecology and discusses what makes for a healthy lake.
A comment from my moderator inspired me to share more of what can be done in the sunny Okanagan. I will focus on Vernon, as I have spent much time there.
Minnesota is a great place to travel. From their many lakes to shopping to sports. Minnesota has lots to offer. I hope that you have a chance to experience the great state of Minnesota.
The still night can stay busy with the power of God behind it.
We are staying in a world where daily different buildings and other things are coming up regularly with different plans and ponds been availability with empty land has no chance to hide,they are constructed immediately with some good buildings for office use.....
Mahabaleshwar is located in satara district of Maharastra , India in western ghats ,the place is called as Khandala also
I wrote this little poem during my trip to the Lakes a few days back.
This poem dispels the traditional cats hate birds stigma. I have many photos of Dabney, my 21.7 pound cat with the various wading birds on the lake where I used to live.
As the Poet begins to write one of his very first poems. He begins to witness the fallen angel's, that Donald saw fall from Heaven, and then their encasement into the City of Atlantis, by God's Holy Spirit. As seen through the eyes of the Angel Donald, when at first it was seen and wi...
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