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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
This article is something a bit different for me. I want to tell you about a sheep my wife loves and has raised but who now faces a health problem that has my wife concerned.
Learn how sheep give birth as we follow the story of Patsy sheep, a ewe who had twins on March 17, 2013, St Patrick's Day. See pictures of the lambing process.
The reason that Easter time is the best time of year for me is because that is the time when Jesus gave His life to save the human race from destruction and eternal death.
I have a hobby farm, last week three of our ewes had their lambs, I was going to wait until the fourth ewe had her lambs before sharing the news with you, but she is taking her time so I thought I would share the lambs and their pictures now.
Imagine a Donkey and a Lamb that can speak ! and then add an Angel ! And that's what you have here.....It may be long - but - keep reading ! and a Happy Christmas one and all.
Last week one of our ewes had triplets, only days later another ewe had twins. The new twins look like baby cows.
October has only just started and already things are busy here on our little sheep hobby farm. In less than two weeks we have four more sheep and others on the way. And on top of it all it is snowing!
I did not know much about sheep until we moved to the farm and got some to keep our pasture controlled so it was not a fire hazard. Here are a few of the things I have learned about sheep. They will be of interest to anyone considering getting sheep as pets or livestock.
This year's lambing is out of the way. I want to share with my readers the tales of lambing from 2012. We had 8 ewes, and one ram. In the day they are in a pasture, but at night they are in the winter. This is Canada and we have snow on the ground, coyotes in the area, and it stil...
Dog meat is popular in many countries, as the eating of this meat is said to have many benefits.
This is a poem I wrote on Yahoo Answers, as an answer to a question asking for a poem using these words: 1- A herd of goats 2- A white horse 3- two wildcats 4- A dog 5- A cowgirl 6- A pizza hut Please critique this story poem.
We have an Easter Heatwave in England, and I am enjoying it, along with everyone else.
It's a time of holiday and celebration, because our Lord died to save our sins.
Crutching is a humane practice done on some wool sheep to prevent fly strike, however, mulesing is cruel and barbaric.
Before they are a week old lambs often have their tails docked, if they are a male they often have their testicles removed. Learn how this is done, why, and the authors opinions.
A poem about the season of spring and the thoughts and dreams it brings
I keep pet sheep as lawn mowers for pasture control. In the winter they need extra feed, to help pay for this we breed them, and sell the lambs (hopefully they go as pets too). I would like to introduce you to our 2011 lambs. You may note some are rare breeds.
Farm animals have to survive outside in cold weather, how do they cope?
There are many different breeds of Goats and Sheep, sometimes they look a bit like one another. It is hard for people to tell some sheep and goats apart. Not all sheep have wool, and not all Goats have short smooth hair. Learn more about telling the difference between sheep and goa...
When a mother sheep cannot care for her lamb, or she refuses to care for her lamb, the job rests with the owner. These lambs are often called bummers, bunters, or bottle babies. Raising them is hard work.
This Angel is still treading on and forever forward through this earths age, today he is near the date of the crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus The Christ as he tells his story.
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