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The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
The environmental circumstances are urgent subjects of analyzing under the conditions of intense technologies and the industry’s progress. This socially positive process is not such one for the environmental system. We need to observe the next phenomena to protect ourselves awarenes...
Desalination is a process of removing salt and mineral from water so it can be used by humans.
The short story relating the journey of a young man who is returning home after years in college; to his home in the wheatlands of the Palouse country of southeastern Washington state.
I'm doing my exercises on music when Father comes knock on the door of Lordly House. He asks me if I would like to go with Uncle Gus and him to an auction in about an hour. They've loaded the cattle this morning onto a truck, and they're going to sell them at auction in Voortrekkerd...
Life sure has a funny way to keep a balance of sorts.
This is about a wealthy mechanised farmer with his four sons.
Now a days, every human being needs security to survive... and this security can be in terms of money,people,shelter etc.As and when we gain something,we need to secure it,we need to think about ways to secure our properties...even if its uncountable or immovable or which we cannot p...
A story that touches the mind. Ignorance is not innocence, but sin.
We should have never let the small farmers to abandon their farms and land and what has always been traditional and good agriculture.
I see the fields of my beloved land... I see the fields of my beloved land(sigh)... I see the fields of my beloved land(pain)... I see the fields of my beloved land(tears)...
Celebrating ways to find the miraculous in the mundane. Text of a talk I gave at the Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, 2007
Notes from a talk given at the Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, describing my 2007 walk across Northern England, Hull back home to Liverpool, following the Transpennine motorway, which I called Walking the M62.
My Healing Places retreat material concludes with Session 5, Healing at the frontiers.
Session 4 in the Healing Places series is the possessors at the frontiers. Having reflected previously on the dispossessed, now we turn to the possessors - those to whom much has been given. who have taken possession, taken ownership, taken power - have they used their power and resou...
Healing Places retreat material 3 - The dispossessed at the frontiers.
Healing Places Part 2 - a reflection on frontier places - places of facing newness and change, of feeling vulnerable or uncertain.
A retreat at Bishop's House, Iona, April 2005. Healing places was the theme of a retreat I led at Bishop's House, Iona between 16-21 April 2005. Building on the material I'd then been developing on an urban theology of land.
The third and final part of my series Towards an Urban Theology of Land.
The second part of my series Towards an Urban Theology of Land.
Originally posted on - a paper for a Liverpool Diocese seminar.
Today I write of those who follow the pied piper caught up in a morass of silly behavior which they think will win them gummy points but only denigrates them. becoming less than they truly are... They crop up everywhere unfortunately...
So much for us to enjoy in this earthly paradise if we will honour what we have and take loving care of journey through and find a way to love it all...I dedicate this to Nikki Ferry who shared her awesome photographs with me..
Different regions of the world have different kinds of forests. Forests are an integral part of our life and yet one is not aware of the threats that are present to its existence. It is our duty to educate people about the need to conserve forests.
It amazes me how some people take in a negative way what I write. The only thing I know is that it is In them and recognizing it they react. true psychology at its best...but there are those who see the wisdoms thank God.... If you have seen the new film Noah,,,hope this fits again...
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