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Do laws for adverse possession or squatters as they stand today make sense to you? They don't to me. They seem to come from times when invaders drove away people from the land they conquered.
Seven out ten people love their jobs, but thousands hate having to start a new week again.
Don't make the mistake in assuming that you will automatically get your deposit back when leaving your apartment.
Real estate investor becomes a landlord. How I have dealt with the things haveing to do with being a landlord.
A brief explanation of the New Consumer Protection Act's implications for landlords and tenants in South Africa
The UK’s rental market continues to rise and landlord’s prices are increasing, therefore it is wise to plan ahead and manage your expectations by enlisting the help of a rental expert.
A short poem, based on a true story "A Gentle Reminder"
I live on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, but many of my neighbours are in denial about this fact.
Landlord may ruin relationship with renter through mean mentality.
Landlords should take no chance with people they cannot get good references for, because in the long term, they could trash the house and refuse to pay the rent, Landlords are not to take no chance with this risky ventures.
Living with a zombie has it's good points, although the smell can be a problem.
Student life is a good environment for you to practice as a real adult. You will meet many difficulties, the bad landlord is one of them. You have to face him and pass him by yourself and you will become a truly man.
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