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The need is apparent tho ban semiautomatic weapons and assault type rifles.
This review is to help visitors from around the world to see that Las Vegas has more to offer than just gambling. There's culture here.
The worst state to work for. Hey, lawyers this is the state where you can make a great living suing businesses. Wow, they're still so cave man like stage.
There are many myths about Las vegas, read on to find out more. You might think Vegas is a magical city that pour you tons of money but no way jose
Funny crazy things about Las Vegas. There are many crazy things about Vegas and I'm not done yet with just one post, you will get more
The best parties are here, and here is a list of the best nightclub to party in Las vegas. Don't go to the bad ones. You have heard it from a local.
"So You Think You Can Dance" finishes up the five city auditions in New York City and prepares to head to Las Vegas for the callbacks.
Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electric company arranged spiral escalator at shopping mall in Shanghai it stretches seven storeys making it the world’s largest spiral escalator.
Samsung forced to the home fair of the US technology industry in the spotlight. Some of the best-known companies in the United States you are looking for at the fair in Las Vegas, however, in vain.
Las Vegas nevada has the worst employment laws in the nation. I thought working in a communist country was more prideful. Why don't they just go back to stone age. Stop disrespecting employees and keeping it all for themselves.
The Pioneer Saloon has daily reports from workers and visitors of a full-bodied apparition that appears to be the cantankerous old ghost miner who was killed by a cheating gambler back in 1915. The bullet holes found in the interior wall today are a grim reminder of the miner who lost...
The town of Tonopah is located halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The silver and gold boom of the early1900's quickly breathed life into the small community. The Mizpah Hotel opened to the public in 1907 to accommodate the miners. According to the thousands of visitors who ha...
The scene could have been bloody if a handgun was made to bark instead of shoving a shoe. Security could have prevented this but failed. There's a need to double their attention and alertness to thwart untoward future happenings.
The sex industry is booming in Las Vegas, here is what you need to know. ETNA-European Tribes of North America.
An article about how gambling can progress from a recreational hobby to a gambling addiction and can become more than just fun.
A short story about a father and his daughter's trip to Las Vegas his last year of life.
A small instrument of torture exists in Texas and other southern states...the CHIGGER. I nominate the little guy to be the state insect of Texas.
Crazy, I would never thought but my I looked outside my bedroom and saw my neighbor ac machines being robbed. It's scary but robberies are on the rise in Vegas and everywhere else too due to poor economy.
The best places to stay in Vegas! All on the strip!
You may or may not know I was born and lived most of my life in Las Vegas. You know those stories about losing everything in Vegas? This is NOT one of them! $$$
By the year 2016, there will be some large changes on the Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip). These changes affect almost all visitors to the city, as well as residents. All information is accurate as of July 2013. Any changes, additions, removals or general information will be maintaine...
How is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? I think it's an awesome casino for the young and hip people who like to party and party.
The Palms casino and hotel review. Should you stay at the Palms? How are their place?
Here are some review from me of Rio Carnival buffet in Las Vegas. Are they worth the trip and worth the price? Find out more.
Would you eat at Texas? Should you eat there? I went there and thought that I should not go back there again.
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