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His Last Post...Well sad ..this happens to be your last post here on Wiki
NO MAN has yet been born.They think I am he.... which I am not ...they want to know who am ...I They know me not ...NONE..Last Precipice
When you suddenly know it is your last day today, what would you do?If it was for me, I will do only this.
the final sojourn...LIFE MUST CEASE SOMEDAY ..EVEN THOUGH WE STILL DESIRE IMMORTALITY.... but some day we all must have to go.. the sojourn shall end
In my last conversation with my mother she left a legacy of wisdom. 3 unforgettable life lessons.
What does a bad racing horse and love got in common?. Is it what you think or somethnig much different?....
A story of a funeral during the great war. A hero is buried by his regiment and his name is carved in stone.
The national debt and its impacts on the United States and the world are evaluated in the article along with a discussion of concerns raised by isolationist groups.
This review is about the last lecture given by a man who had only a few more months to live as he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. The last lecture given by him did not focus on dying ; rather it focused on how to live and how to achieve your childhood dreams. Such is the uniquenes...
The last words of the late, much-lauded and much-quoted Steve Jobs have been revealed almost a month after the Apple co-founder died at the age of 56.
This article looks in depth to identify the mysterious he mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:7
A close look at the Last (or Latter) Days. Are we near the end...or is all that already done?
Current events are "falling all over themselves" as they fulfill the requirements of Biblical prophecies telling us of our Lord's return! Recently, I assembled a series of Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled perfectly, by the birth, ministry, death, resurrection and ascens...
When our parents are alive let us give them the gift of our affection. If they are waiting for us in heaven let us send them our sincere gift of prayers.
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