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Hustle and Bustle is the life in my city, but i still love it that way.
Read of a rather funny experience of what Booze can do to a first timer.
I have a Perfect Son A Second Language The Biggest Lie Mistakes...Mistakes An Elephant's Grave
Laugh and the world laughs with you ...FOR IT IS THE bestest medicine
A humorous poem that just might be a reflection of its author with a tad bit of adult humor. I'll let you make up your mind!
This page is dedicated to those who like words of wisdom mixed with a little humour. It is meant to make the reader think intellectually as well as lightly.
Yet more jokes and wit to brighten up your day and chase away any negativity or blues you may have. Just the thing you need if you're having a rough day or a miserable relatuonship or you've hit a rough patch in your life or relationship
A little light hearted reading to ease the stress and tension and enable people to take a break from their hectic professional and personal schedules
I was waiting in the Vets waiting room holding onto my dog. The room was crowded with all kinds of pets and pet owners. I was frowning most of the time, dreading the possibility of my dog escaping and creating turmoil, when the Vet, Dr. Grant came strolling in. He was 30 minutes late....
I wanted to reply to his comments though I did not pursue because I was afraid he might change his mind so I left him, walked inside without looking back, ignoring his unexpected reactions.
Laughter plays a vital role in molding one's personalty and it helps maintain good health. If you lead a hectic life and socialize then your smile will win many advantages.
Hahaha, have fun reading some jokes.....Hope you would enjoy them!!! Add your comments at the end...
hi a few short jokes to brighten up your day, even make you laugh
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