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Turning Yourself In: What You Need To Know Before You Go
I always wondered how to read a court transcript. Kristine Johnson wrote, Writing Wrongs, Certified, Volume 1, where it shows how a court proceedings are reported.
It describes how a layer can handle hard cases and win with simple strategy :)
Lawyers deal with different cases and branches of law. If you are involved in a situation that requires legal assistance, you need to hire a qualified lawyer who has experience and is able to guide you in the right direction.
Addiction is one of the most prevalent and costly issues affecting businesses today.
This is a true account, but I will not give any details because it is about my boyfriend, and he likes that the least information possible be given out on the Internet about his origin etc.
How persecution, harassment and unethical practices of large corporates force small business owners to study law to survive
Malpractices by Hospitals and some Doctors to mar the noble medical profession
Accidents happen. Unfortunately it will be the alibi of the person reckless enough to cause such injuries to happen to you. How can you use the law if you think you deserve to be compensated for your loss?
So back in 2012, the Garza family got CPS called on them by Ms Garza's sisters because Ms Garza told her sisters off, she told them we are family, so why are you asking my fiancee to have a 3 some with you guys, then Ms Garza told her sisters I will beat you up if you try to have any ...
There are few things more disruptive and scary as being involved in a traffic accident. But there are things you need to do before it's too late to protect yourself, your well-being and your family. Keep a copy of this article in every vehicle and review it with your family and loved ...
Migration is sometimes inevitable, and immigration lawyers are indispensable. The various legal aspects might slow down the process. By employing professionals, one can save time and effort.
We get pushed into a lifestyle that may not be our inner calling. It serves us well to keep our options open to switch to those by listening to our heart, What matters finally is in following our heart with passion and perseverance even if we fail to achieve our set goals.
This is a complete work of fiction. It's a short story written based on a daily writing jolt. Enjoy!
Are you going through a grueling divorce case or a tough family issue? Do you want your rights to be protected? Do you want a safe custody in the best interest of your child? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. Read on for more.....
A review by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that 10 to 30% of diagnoses are incorrect, while a study of malpractice claims by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that 59% involved a misdiagnosis that lead to harm or death of the patient. Because we inherently tr...
This is a true experience..but I am sure many have come against inexperienced professionals who laud themselves, drive without consideration, talk a loud talk and inside quake with fear for their foundation is so weak...we see them all the time!!!
Where is justice, when can our laws keep a man in jail for almost 1 year and no court. How does this make since to any of our laws.
A fictitious and hopefully humorous Government proclamation on inclusive language.
While most people out there don't plan to get convicted for any criminal actions, it is better to be beforehand. You never know what the life brings, and having a good defense attorney on your side when needed, can make a difference for the rest of your life.
The concept of Divorce Hotel was developed by Jim Halfens of Netherlands, in a country where the average divorce would be very heavy.
Is the Second Amendment an embarrassment or one of the cornerstones of American society? It is certainly an area of open debate today with heartfelt opinions on either side. the intention here is to peel open this part of American society with a little look at the history and thinking...
This poem takes a dig at the state of the justice systems in the world. It discusses the shortcomings as well as expresses frustration, desperation and disappointment that the public feel when criminals get free or get lenient sentencing.
Child custody is the custodial award or determination involving a minor child. This involves who has the right to make decisions about the child or legal custody
Investment fraud lawyers help their clients to recover losses incurred in an investment. In case you become a victim in a fraudulent investment, you know how it feels to lose huge amounts of your hard earned money. Sometimes you may feel like all is lost and that nothing can be done t...
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