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New instalment in the series dedicated to understanding 'Why firms need lobbyists now more than ever ?' (1). This is the first part of a focus on the new lobbying strategy that has expanded since the beginning of the XXIst century.
The Middle east is an important area of the world, but presently is in a state of strife. However some leaders do have a hand in the destiny of the Middle east. Its worth havinga a look at them
The future of our country, and world for that matter, may be at stake, if we don't recognize the signs, the history as it repeats itself, and seeing what is there, has been there, right in front of our faces, will be the end result of what might be to come; the ignorance of bliss theo...
Most societies allow free play of thoughts, words and actions. But are they leading us to a dead end, more like the tale of Emperor’s New Clothes with none willing to bell the cat? Democracy and freedom should not become a Tower of Babel with endless chatter devoid of actions to mee...
What involvement can be as political “passion”; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics.
This article is all about a leader. This article summarizes the importance of a leader and the various roles that a leader plays in a group.
The first step to choosing the future leader is to assess how will the next five, ten and fifteen years of the company.
This article is written somewhat as a wake-up call for people involved with the big businesses of today. This writer is saying that we need to again follow the rather simple commandments once given to us by a very great man indeed, Jesus Christ. This was to love one another, as he ...
In this technological advanced age, we are at the greatest liberty to share what we feels, think or believed in. But in sharing, are we violating others when we become imposing in our way when we put them down carelessly? Should we not understand this principle of influencing others...
Like clockwork war clouds return to our horizon.The plaintive cry of common citizens gets drowned by the over-powering greed of few vested interests. It is time our leaders stood by their promises during elections to uplift the majority. Their war should be waged against poverty. ...
We are now in much safer, saner ground than during earlier times. However, the challenges never cease; they are now in perfecting, refining, our systems.
Leadership is not imposed it is always innate and should be felt by the followers.
Just a short thing i believe in on the ideas of following and leading
It is a question that I asked myself many time that really Pakistan means is it just a country which was founded on the basis of two nation theory or no there are some more major things.
Religion is the most powerful force to control the mind of people and mould their thinking.
The change in our lifestyles threatens to destroy the very basics that sustained us over generations. We are becoming more selfish and less cohesive society. Time to ponder and sow the right seeds to sustain our journey that has only begun.
It is time for an altruistic majority to set our agenda than allow a minority with selfish interests to ride roughshod over us. This will make our society not only truly democratic but also get our priorities right.
Follow the leader or choose one who that's totally upto you
There are many management styles out there, and some are more effective for certain types of people. But what are some general rules of thumb for being a leader in your business? Read on and find out.
You consider yourself civilised, the truth is the vast majority of us do wherever we live in the world. Can we call our society civilised? This is truly a challenging question. In truth we do not live in a civilised world today, but there is no reason why it cannot become civilised in...
How much longer will the People put up with the crap that is being done to this country? We should rise up and exterminate the traitors!
Someone that is a true hero in more ways then one. This poem is about my uncle Bill Tait who past away of cancer in 1998.
This page is about the qualities and abilities, a leader must posses
The word “gods” is capitalized due to it being in the title. The title speaks for itself so I will take time to tell you, the reader, that all comments from my own articles are not turning up in my message box, so I do not catch them all. If you wish a reply just message me with t...
The time has come to re-introduce paradise to the people of this planet. Current rulers of this world are tearing us to pieces emotionally, religiously, politically, financially, and scientifically. And as we find "the writing on the wall" from only doom-and-gloom surrounding us, peop...
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