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If leaders were born and not made, business schools all over the world would have closed down a long time back
Leadership. A vast subject with a lot of content for sure. This will be about how to become a leader. For those who want to step ahead. For those who want to make their own path.
This is some good advice for any teenager out there. I strongly encourage you to read this.
some decisions you have made will cost anger, disappointment and frustration, but you do this with all good intentions, and in time you will be given a platform to be vindicated.
your personal leadership ability is a major limit on what you can achieve.It's basically your ability to accept complete responsibility for yourself and your whole life.
Follow the leader or choose one who that's totally upto you
Schools are the places where future of humanity is shaped. They can produce good leaders as well as bad terrorists who can destroy the whole humanity. A leader is shaped by the schools and the society. Modern market-culture schools and society should look into this danger hanging on t...
In this world, there are many different kind of leader. It could be the head prefect in school, the captain of the football team or even the president of a country. Even though they are very different types of leaders, all of them have the same qualities, the qualities that makes them...
Both leader and the led have the responsibility of bringing Nigeria to unlimited greatness and rich fulfillment. Everybody have a part to play. Our success as a nation falls back to leadership. Our greatest enemy, challenge, and the clog in our wheel of progress is bad leadership
There are many ways to improve your leadership skills but in this article we will discuss only simple ways to improve leadership skills.
Transformational leadership is a very popular leadership style and everybody wants to follow this leadership style.
In this article you will find various tips for being an efficient leader.
In every great leader you will find some common characteristics.
There are more than 1000 definitions of leadership that define leadership in their own words. I have done a research on these definitions to find some great definitions of leadership.
Leading is a skill as well as an art. It can be learned, but there first has to be a foundation of integrity to build upon. Watching and emulating how successful leaders lead can pay huge dividends in the long run. Joe Paterno was one of those leaders.
Under the leaderhip of its adviser and president, the SSG fulfills many duties for the school. It is in-charge of the daily flag ceremony and in cleaning supervision. The SSG also collaborates with the class officers of each section to discuss school matters and how to improve it.
Leadership is the great quality of manager to manage his staff and lead the team . A strong and Efficient Leader is a boon for the company and leads it to higher level of success . Read the Article to know more about the leadership and its functions in organization.
Being an efficient leader takes more than natural talent. Some people think that being a leader is all about giving orders. That is a very incorrect assumption.
A few rules to follow to become a good leader, no matter where: at your work place, at home or even with your friends.
This is a quick overview of managing conflict for human resource personnel, it will review issues and provide ways to resolve those issues
Some people are born to be employees for life. Others are destined to create new opportunities through entrepreneurship.
While you make a decision on something crucial please use both your heart and your brain. While your feelings are important your thought should prevail.
Job is only TEMPORARY. When an employee became incapacitated, he loses his job. His job cannot be transferred to his loved ones. There’s no financial freedom in job. He has no time freedom to enjoy and has a very limited growth.
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