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A common problem of fear of attachment, fear of losing, fear of commitment, fear of what not.
Pain pain go away! Please do not come back another day. Tears falling down my face oh how I wish for his warm embrace.....
Sometimes the best vacation option could be found somewhere closer to a place so familiar with you it becomes a relief knowing just where it is and how accessible it could always be --- and at no real expense.
It is interesting the different types of reactions that people do when they encounter a disabled person. To the disabled person the reaction can be either amusing or annoying.
Don't just rake up the leaves that are falling onto your lawn. Use them to help your lawn and garden thrive. Here's how to do that.
The poem tries to answer why we are here, what is our purpose and when do we go to wherever we came from.
It is so sad to see our government gut the privileges and pay of those who stand and fight in our place. What a bunch of pansies controlling the checkbook!
It is a poem to ponder
It is a symbolic poem representing poor and poverty.
My take on what it must feel like for a child and his parent to say their farewell after the break-up.
April PAD Challenge Day 30- After leaving here poem. Last April PAD poem.
Leave me.. I beseech you... I stand on my knee for you to do that.. I cannot live like this any longer.. Cause I don't get any stronger.. Instead.. I am getting a lot weaker..
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