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This is a tradition in many countries in Europe and in South America. Follow my steps if you wish to create your own at home.
The article speaks about the sacredness of Mitali Sangha Durga Puja in North Kolkata. It is a very famous puja and visited by many devotees.
Dad gave each of the team members an assignment and they are in the park searching for the bad guys. Miss Darcy is flying above the trees and Spike is jumping from tree to tree. Everybody is working undercover to bring the bad guys down.
Clarissa is back from her walk in the woods. During her walk she overheard two guys talking about a heist. She wasn't sure if it was something they heard on the news or if they were planning a heist themselves. Clarissa also met a new friend in the woods. He was a squirrel and his...
This will be another poem about Autumn and how much fun the season allows us to have.
This is a poem about the season of autumn and the many aspects of the season.
A poem describing leaves falling off a tree during autumn.
We all know about the mode of food preparation in plants. The green pigment present in the leaves helps in photosynthesis. But what about the leaves which are not green in color.Do they prepare food without the green pigment ? If so how ?
A cup of tea of soursop leaves able to heal 12 types of cancer.
An analogy on trees that symbolized the young and past love.
All of us grow old this has to be unless you die young. Aging is a difficult process for some and maybe not for others...depends what goes on in your mind and emotions and how you feel about yourself. But always the divinity, the loving will shine from your eyes for your eyes are wind...
Leaves of autumn..Well its getting chillier by the day lets await for autumn yet.
Need to make a present to a friend or a relative, but you canĀ“t afford to spend much? This idea of a present may help.
Next season, you may not see NeNe Leakes on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why? Allegedly, she's threatening to leave this show. Here's why her departure is a welcome one.
The poem depicts the grief of the autumn season which is called the season of fall - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem is symbolic in it's presentation - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Today 24th October 2013 was such a beautiful one, it has inspired me to write about it. Read on to find out more
Don't just rake up the leaves that are falling onto your lawn. Use them to help your lawn and garden thrive. Here's how to do that.
This last Sunday's sunny, cold, and windy September day played over in my mind all through the week, and became this Autumn poem I share with you today.
Hi Every One Today I Will Tell You About My Favorite Weather :) And Some Thing More Special
On the benefits and uses of eucalypthus leaves and how to relieve a dry nose.
We may like Summer more than Autumn and Winter, but these seasons bring us good things to be enjoyed too.
By allowing nature to help with our yards we can save so much time and money to be able to get great looking yards.
This poem is about beautiful morning..As soon as we get up...we start doing our day today activities..Instead..If we could cherish nature at a glimpse..we will feel refreshed and recharged for the day...
Some new one has compared life to a leaf My version is this...
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