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This is the story of my pet dachshund Lee. Her name was Leda before I got her. She lived a hard life for a dog. Now, she has a good home and is happy. She finally got a forever home.
When I came up with this idea, I had planned on telling of all the hardships Leda had in the puppy mill. I have since decided not to go into details. This page of the story will be a summary of what she went through in the puppy mill.
This story is based on the life of my dog, Lee. Lee is a sweet little dachshund, who is very lovable. Lee had gone through a lot before my family adopted her back in 2011. Her name was Leda when we got her, but she never came to that name. My son called her Lee, and she responded to ...
Steven Seagal Plays a mild mannered cook....a hard kicking, knife throwing, gun toting, grenade throwing cook...
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