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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
While lobbyists are pushing for controlling the decisive positions in the public sphere(1), they can count on the technocracy at the helm.
What involvement can be as political “passion”; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics.
India and the USA are two large democracies, and both are dysfunctional.
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research project many years ago. It covers the issues surrounding Congressional Power and how the Supreme Court, over the years, has utilized its balancing power to keep Congress in check.
Ray of hope as historic law for co-operatives is enacted by the East African Legislative Assembly
Gangtok, India become the host of International Flower festival 2013 to be held from 23rd February to 27th February of 2013
Citizens derive their right of fair governance from the Government executives by virtue of the Administrative Law. To be able to protect their rights, it is essential that we should all understand what it means for us.
The United States Constitution states what the American government can do or cannot do. Here are some of the laws.
Garthwaite Seeks 3rd Term Representing Wisconsin's 49th Assembly District
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