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I love to bake and cook. I make sure I bake for each holiday and when the family wants a treat. I am giving the second part of my series on what I bake. These two cookies have nuts.
A lot of people get high blood pressure. A lot of people don't know they have it as they never go to the doctor till the emergency occurs. Then there are those who are on the borderline and those who have it. But sometimes people don't want to take medicine., So here are some healthy...
Ayurveda medicines are characteristic and healthier than weight reduction pills or accident diets. Ayurveda master, Dr. Rohit Sane, Chairman & Managing Director of the Sane Care Group offers with us, some ayurveda medicines for weight reduction.
A cup of lemon water in the morning leaves you feel great.
A bread that calls for a few ingredient yet tastes delicious with a hint of citrus flavor. Great for tea time or snack time, also for breakfast or any time of the day. No need to any jams or spread because the flavor of Lemon stands out as it is.
Getting the best brand of blender on the market would mean spending more. Or is that the case? Let us look at some top brands, their motor power and costs to get a better idea. Some summer special drinks are also included.
During summer, our bodies lose lots of water. Along with water, many vital nutrients are also lost. Our health suffers. To give the body the nutrients it needs, we have to drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Fruits like lemon, orange and melon can help you. Make a drink or have t...
Do you really think you´re drinking "sangría" when you go to spend your hols at a Spanish or Portuguese seaside resort?
Lime fruit does not taste as deliciously sweet orange, but very much of the benefit.Fruits called latin Citrus aurantifolia has been used since the days of our ancestors, which is famous for herbal treatment, to be used as a drug mixture.
Losing weight is very easy when you make a conscious effort and do it the right way. Following the right diet and exercising are very important to lose weight. Here are some tips and tricks to help you to lose weight. Image Credit - freeedigitalphotos.
This is a quick and easy “carbonara” style pasta dish, with bow tie pasta, onions, chopped cooked turkey, and a couple of eggs mixed with basil pesto and lemon zest.
This is a very simple recipe of how to prepare a tunna pudding in few minutes, just tuna, lemon and cream cheese.
This is a recipe of how to prepare our own isotonic at home, wiht no preservatives nor colorants....a healthy drink for athletes.
Short issues on what to do and what to eat when suffering from stomachal acidity or heartburn.
This is a recipe with two ingredients that will help anybody to face cancer. this mix attacks cancer cell and is harmless for healthy cells
Fry the mustard seeds till they splutter, add the cashew- nuts, curry leaves and green chillies and stir for a few minutes.
Want to keep your fresh foods stay fresh? Then, try these simple tips so that you can keep your fresh foods stay fresh with squeezed out lemons.
Limes have many benefits for health because it contains many good substances including flavonoid and vitamin C. In terms of health, the content of limes has a variety of benefits to help to cure many diseases including common flu and cough.
Liver is one of the crucial organs when it comes to detoxifying our body. And lemon is here to help us.Learn how!
I wanted to write a review of the benefits of using lemon juice on your hair
A continuous fruit Shower.Fruit, Fret, Regret is the theme of the poem.
Sweet and sour: Pucker those pores and zap that bacteria with all-natural-you-probably-have-in-the-kithcen-now ingredients! Honey and lemons.
The five fruits Mango, Banana, Orange, Papaya and Lemon are good for glowing skin and fruits juices will clear the complexion of your skin.
Every body know the uses of Lemon, here the tips and benefits of Lemon
It is good to use the Homely products like Honey, Ornge for betterment of skin some tips for homely use.
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