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The Lenten Season is in its second day and the Passion of Christ is upon us. The Passion of Christ is the last few days of our Lord and Savior’s earthly ministry, beginning with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and ending with his crucifixion and resurrection. The passion in...
Lent begins Wednesday, March 5 for Christians all over the world. Learn what you can do to make this season more meaningful instead of being fixated on what you should "give up for Lent."
April 13, 2014 Palm Sunday After Ash Wednesday, the next day of celebration during the Season of Lent is Palm Sunday, which falls on April 13th this year. Palm Sunday is the day all Christians celebrates our Lord and Savior’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week before His cruci...
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is one of the most important dates in Western Christianity, yet many, if not most of today’s Bible believing Christian don’t know the real meaning of Lent or the special days in Lent— March 5 - Ash Wed...
In the observance of the Holy Week, I would like to share some thoughts about reflection and self examination. May you all have a blessed week and enjoy the Easter.
" I want to tell you what the common place has to offer, something they have not told about, something neglected... something I gathered from my ramblings. "
As a Catholic, I join the entire Christian world in the observance of the Lenten season. This article tells about my 40-day journey towards Easter.
Most of the Christians all over the world observe the Lenten season in prayer and penance. They have been following various ways to repent for their sins and failures. But recent years have seen changes in their observations by going green during the Lent.
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