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An article about the diversity that exists within human sexuality.
Tonight... Tonight is special ... dancing intimately...
Lesbianism is criminalized in many countries. The poem deals with the primitive society which stones the offender to death!
I am writing this article for the Christians, those who profess to be true followers of Jesus Christ. I am writing it especially for those Christians who read what I write here on Wikinut, and feel justified in calling me a gay basher because I wrote a piece that wasn’t favorable to...
"The Debutante Ball Begins" as they all gather, Lydia dares to be naughty in the garden! Does she get the one she wants or does she find a new secret love? The fear of getting caught is intense!
MayHey breaks out at Lydia's Plantation! As she has her own kind of encounter with Elizabeth, things over heat under the sheets... While Alice makes her moves...
Lydia makes her way home after her long night out at the Juke Joint! As she pulls into the long driveway she spots a car by the front entry. Lydia, looking a wreck makes her way inside only to be greeted by "The Annoying Guests". What will happen at the plantation now? Who will the Da...
Lydia and Margaret head over to "The Juke Joint", they party till the sun comes up! After their intense interlude Down by the River, what will they do tonight?
Lydia and Margaret's affair reaches its limits as they go "Down by the River" in a steamy confrontation. Will Lydia give into Margaret's lusty demands? See if they come together as the Saga heats up!
Diaries of Lydia. Vol.1 ; "The Next Morning" of the Saga of Lydia continues to Tease you in every way possible "As she becomes more complex and unpredictable"...
This is the diary of Lydia's sexually over toned life. A Savannah Georgia woman that knows no bounds. Set in the 1950's she sets herself apart knowing no bounds and tantalizing your imagination. Lydia has adventures you can only dream of having.
Anyone have the capacity to change himself. No one can say that he or she will be like what they are now. The grace of God will overshadow the evil thoughts and plans in our life.
Its is rather unwarranted to have same sex marriages.If sex is all that is to it. No same sex kids .If adoption then they become legal first.
Comments, given in a respectful manner, but contrary to the author's beliefs, are being deleted, but attacks are made and allowed to remain on the page.. These are attacks, i.e. accusing me (Ivyevelyn) of needing, "a sexual experience with another woman" and being told to "*** OFF, s...
This article examines the Biblical view of homosexuality and the consequences of it
A short reflection of what happened one week after we end our relationship. To tell the truth, I feel relieved.
A self reflection on six months after my relationship has ended. Although it is half a year, I cannot get over the negative feeling inside me.
We human beings have come through a long way. In this modern world everybody has the right to choose their partner or their profession they want to but there is a community which is deprived of these rights....
Women, throughout history and around the world have often wished and loved other women, having sexual relations with them.
The history of homosexual/gay oppression can be traced back many centuries. In this article I am outlining what happened throughout history, and making a plea that people of every orientation should learn to live with each other in harmony in the future.
Little did my ex wife know that her dirty wet pussy would appeal so much to my new girlfriend. It kind of sealed the deal really.
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