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Life’s Lessons Learnt Desire ...wealth...duty ...SALVATION.....the end now read on draw your own conclusions
So when I decided to write something about the year that was, I wasn’t really sure whether to write a poem describing the terrible breakups or the pancreatic cancer that had my grandma gone forever or whether to ignore the bad and write about the numerous blessings. Whichever the ca...
We all need to treat each other well. You never know when it may pay off.
This article is all about cartoons. their background theme, impact, and how are catonns made.
A short but True Poem I wrote of one of the very great lessons I received from the smallest of creatures
These are two poems of my heart...I am loving this new type :) of sharing!
Maria was suddenly brought back from her reverie by the crunchy noise of falling autumn. Her dreams of love crunched under the weight of fate.
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