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Life’s Lessons Learnt Desire ...wealth...duty ...SALVATION.....the end now read on draw your own conclusions
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
This is a short summary of how certain people do not live up to what they are supposed to do in life...their position gained by maybe a sweetening of what they are able to do. Instead they refuse to carry out their work of responsibility and end up in the muck and mire of what they d...
So when I decided to write something about the year that was, I wasn’t really sure whether to write a poem describing the terrible breakups or the pancreatic cancer that had my grandma gone forever or whether to ignore the bad and write about the numerous blessings. Whichever the ca...
We all go through unique experiences in life. I would like to share some of the most important lessons I have learnt so far
We all need to treat each other well. You never know when it may pay off.
Life can be hard and trying. But trials come that we may learn from them and grow. This is what I learned from brain surgery.
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
Perhaps many of us of an older generation were taught to finish projects, completion before moving on. Nowadays a different gist goes on...perhaps it is correct for the younger people ..not all of them..who cannot seem finish anything but condone it I do not.
It is very unfortunate to see that the abandoned newborns are increasing in the Society day by day! It is an important issue to ponder on that, what happened with the maternal instinct of today’s women. Lust and Social pressures in their lives have pushed their ethics to a back seat...
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