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Letters of love carry the message from our hearts to the recipients, they are the dance of romance that finds a view from deep within the soul
This was a letter written for a lover, talks about the pains and hopes of entering a long distance relationship
A soldier in the Great War writing a letter to his girlfriend. He tells her he is happy and the fields are green scattered with rich red poppies.
I wear crabby clothes I live in a small abode My masterpieces unsold But my worth is more than gold.
For a true friend to me, a letter from my heart;You deserve the best!
I was young, naive and hopelessly in love at the time of writing. This letter embarrasses me so much when I re-read it some time later. It describes how a first crush can really ruin a teenage girl's heart (and smashes her sanity), especially when that boy is an absolute heartthrob, h...
Everyone can plan...and finally.....who knows? but be careful when saying something as a promise.
A love letter written for my husband and our journey in life together
love letters are good thoughts shared by boys and girls or anybody,they often keep couples happy or sad in these letters,these letters are related to their relationship what they keep in school,college's and letters can be written by anybody a good feeling in life help yo...
Letter writing is a beautiful craft, an undisputed vehicle of our emotions, a tested instruments of our imaginations and expressions. It is one of the most vintage writing craft of all times. In old days and even at present, letters are still considered among the most reliable conveya...
Did you ever consider writing letters? At least to your loved ones? Or do you believe mail does the job for you no matter who you are dealing with i did and i tried sending letters; an experience i will never forget!
Letter writing is a dying art. When did you last write a letter and how means of written communication have changed
A letter to the future love from lessons learnt from the past.
I had written this letter a year ago, for someone who has been a part of my life. I don't have a clue if he's aware this letter was written for him. He was the first guy who made me realized, not to fear love. I tried not to fall for him, because of his hindrances, but inevitably, we...
this is a letter for a special person, that I was waiting for my whole life.The letter contains thanks, a letter expressing my feelings for this special person. who, in one way or another gave me everything he has, and still loving me just the way I'am...
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