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A selected collection of SMS over the years documented before it fades from the surge of modern and ever changing means of communication.
The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a government branch that operates in a business like way. It has a history dating back hundreds of years. Pre-dating the USA itself, its roots can actually be traced back to the British colonialists of the 17th century.
Memory is the way of collecting things you love and holding on things you never want to lose. Mathew, for the love of Athena, wrote her letter to hold on memory of his love. This is the original version.
Typewriter may be a machine, or an device with a group of keys that, once ironed, causes the letters printed on the document, typically paper. From the beginning of his invention prior to 1870 until the 20th century, typewriters widely utilized by professional writers and workers with...
Only a handful of people still write pen-to-paper letters. Few people are saving letters, tied up with ribbons and stored away to be read over again, or for later generations to find and learn about days past. It i becoming an extinct art, one that has been part of culture for ages.
The toddlers are the most important phase in life. they are cute and lovable . They do not know the A,B,C of life .They are fully dependent upon their mothers and fathers.They are simple and innocent. They have no enemies.They can enjoy their life to their hear'ts co...
Kids are the most important phase in life .They are the precious gifts of god.They do not know their circumstances and they have no knowledge of their existence .At this juncture it is the parents who takes over the responsibility of the kids.
It's also wise to search for sound assets to know the particular seems as well as exactly how it's obvious with an indigenous loudspeaker from the vocabulary. There are many free of charge online language resources
Letters have used this format since the 17th centennial
Have you got anything to burn? A St. John´s bonfire will be a chance to discard the old that we don´t want or need anymore.
A letter to sheep to show how much they are appreciated and are needed by all.
This is a letter I have composed to some apples about how much I enjoy them and some problems people may have with them, as little as those may be.
This is a letter to a kumquat, which can be a rather confusing fruit.
This is an open letter to a rabbits everywhere and their status in society.
This is a letter to a raccoon who has been rather mischievous lately.
This is a letter I have addressed to a squirrel about its role in life.
The image is public domain and the text is never before published.
We have all forgotten what a secret is. Keeping a secret can prevent many problems, and it develops trust between people.
The open letter I wrote to former First Lady Hillary Clinton during her official visit to Kenya on August 4, 2009
There are many Scams on the internet, but not all originated there
This short story postulates that Jesus Christ wrote a series of letters to his mother, and brothers whilst he was away from them during the time of his public ministry, whilst he was here on the Earth.
Ever wonder why algebra and letters are used in maths? especially in engineering? and how on earth are the formulas used and why do they change? Here are some of the very basics of formulas and easy transposition.
Here's my first letter to my father for Fathers Day
NEW YORK - President Barack Obama's eldest brother, Abon'go (Malik) "Roy" Obama, 55, is selling two of the president's handwritten letters which were sent to relatives in Kenya for $15,000 each. They are written on White House note paper and each one states “Thanks for your prayers ...
How long is it since you sent somebody a hand-written letter? How long is it since you have written and sent one? It is so easy to send a text or an email to convey information or greetings to friends. Hand-written letters are becoming less relevant in today’s technology driven soci...
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