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In this article I examine a man who was released from prison after serving 24 years when a judge ruled his trial unconstitutional. Showing uncommon wisdom, this individual has chosen to forgive everyone in the system, thereby setting himself truly free.
These writings are free verse and inspired by real life experiences. If you are having hard time in letting go, try to read this and think carefully of what you are going through. May this page enlighten you a little and get you back to reality. Enjoy reading!
A Narrative based on actual events, during a time of transition in mine and my friends life.
Thoughts and emotions around feelings for someone which is ultimately unrequited. Final reaslisation and eventual letting go,
I made this poem especially for those girls and women whose boyfriend or man cheats on them or hurts them.
It's a poem all about lovers. And things when they go wrong between a boy and a girl.
This is a poem of something as simple as breathing and what an influence it can have so inhale and exhale while reading pleas do enjoy
So many times we hear the expression.."let go, let God" but how many are willing to own up to their omissions. And how can you let go of something you don't believe you have! A conundrum for some but a way of life for me..letting go and letting Go(o)d..enjoy
We can never move forwards from our old selves. The only way forwards is to be born again into a new self. This article touches on this idea of self as it exists within oneness, both from the Eastern, and the Western philosophies, or religious thinking's.
This poem is about letting go your old belief system that is no longer working or serving you.........
It is often difficult to look back at events in our lives without harboring a few regrets. I wrote the poem 'The Egret Tree' after coming across a tree I saw while boating with my husband that was literally covered with egrets. When the wind blew they all flew away. This gave me t...
the letter i wrote is how a guy who told his girl one day she would see how he is always there
The power of forgiveness and the ability we have to heal ourselves
Learning to let go...a poem about letting go of the one I love because the feeling isn't the same anymore. Sometimes the best thing to do is also the hardest.
This is a poem I wrote about letting go, surrendering to the flow of Spirit. The past few weeks have been life changing for me. It is difficult to change, but we have to move passed the fear.
So many people say to their loved one ...I will never leave they keep coming back searching for the one they said this too...I did but now the karma is cleared. Perhaps better to love and then let go!!!!!!
This is about fear and how when you find what you know your purpose is you actually going for what you know and not letting fear overtake you.
Something I'm sharing about love and how to let it go no matter how hard it may seem
You've been together for a long time, but it's going nowhere. Learn when to call-it-a-day in a relationship, and move on.
An article going over the different stages of letting go. It is based on personal experience and is offered as helpful advice to others going through the same thing.
When you are no longer with someone you loved do you go over and over in your mind and wonder why. And the feelings that come up are they hurt or anger or even more. Time perhaps to let it all go as I am doing.....
Tell me sweet lies to get me through the night,need somewhere to run to figure out who's this new person I've become.
9th in the More Than Series. This about forgiveness and about how it is more than just forgiving someone.
November PAD Challenge Day 20- Letting Go poem. First 11 lines were written sometime during 2007 and the rest the other day. Felt it fit though the challenge of writing a letting go poem.
the losing of someone in our life, which broke our hearts and the feeling of knowing that they won't be coming back in our life anymore..the morning after that i can't describe
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