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Ever been curious in knowing the origin of some street names? Here are a few of the old area of Madrid.
This is an open letter to a rabbits everywhere and their status in society.
A new advice on haow to rest during nightime with a natural juice before going to bed.
This is a recipe of a simple smoothie to drink in the mornings to fight acne.
This is a recipe of a mix of vegetables that will help you to control blood pressure
To grill a perfect cheese sandwich is to know what kind of cheese slices works best with the bread you are going to grill. I like to use a variety of cheeses depending on the bread used and the viscosity of the cheese. You have a wide range of your choice of cheeses. sharp and mild Ch...
Now that I am retired I find sometimes that when I awake in the mornings I seem to look back on my life and remember all sorts of experiences. Just had to put some of them down on paper. Some will appreciate I hope.
Even if you don’t consider yourself a vegetarian, you can always treat yourself with some fresh green salads since they are easy to prepare and good for your health.
Follow the adventures of a relatively new but very keen amateur gardener each week; his successes and failures, joys and pains and the constant battle to outwit next door's cat.....
I have found so much pleasure in my small garden and shed over the years I thought I would share my little haven with you all.
We use lettuce leaves to decorate our salads, burgers, etc. But these greens are not only for its decorative value, but they also hold plenty of nutritive values!
Quick, easy and tasty salad the whole family will enjoy.
Having been invited to a family function, I was asked to bring a healthy green salad for our meal.. My beautiful salad was placed in a huge glass bowl was called a "bunch of weeds" which I thought was a rather interesting point of view of a four year old. I do use many types of lett...
Lettuce makes your life cool and healthy. When Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician, addressed lettuce as “The plant of the eunuchs” he might have thought of its various health benefits.
An account of what is happening at Attadale gardens this week
As an avid gardener I decided to try a simple hydroponic experiment to see if I could grow a lettuce from the stump that is normally discarded.
Here is a thrifty idea for using water troughing (guttering) screwed to the side of a shed, or maybe a fence. This can be filled with compost and planted with seasonal salads, or flowers
Salad is a combination of cold foods like vegetables or fruits often with a dressing. It is often served as an appetizer before a meal. The word “salad” means salt or salty. Here are some useful tips to make our favorite salads taste better and enjoyable.
If you are trying to save money, trying to save the planet, or just trying to get in touch with nature, you should know that growing some of your own food is possible even if you only have a small space, such as a balcony or patio.
The English physician, Dr. Bach became famous for "inventing" the now called "Bach Flower Remedies", which are natural remedies that help curing illnesses on a very high vibrational level. We can also harness this healing energy from flowers by simply collecting them and eating them r...
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