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Having recently escaped a 28-year long toxic relationship, I will tread lightly if and when I enter another
There are those whom you suspect to always be lying about their pain and suffering, in order to get your money or to conceal the fact that they drank last night. It's horrible.
Till R&AW, CBI, NTRO continue to consider lazy greedy cheaters, liars and sluts offering sex bribes to be role models for India , there will many other sheena bora murder cases and similar frauds which will remain undetected for long.
How the indian intelligence agency officials are the most shameless and dishonest liars in the world defaming hardworking honest harmless domain investors, webmasters, paypal account holders in India for personal gain and hatred
I decided to write this post mainly because I had issues with my evil ex. Some who lies all the time and thinks that I don't know.
A large part of humanity today live a lie.People are, in general, no longer what they pretend to be.
A list of some of the more recent lies fed to the American people. Quotes by the prevaricators.
Many people who lie to swindle innocent unsuspecting people with promises of fair gain or worse that those who rob banks and steal from their own treasury can never ever recover or gain respect in the end. God will bring them down and they will deserve what they get in this life and t...
Honesty leads to contentment while guilt leads to aggravation.
Lies and innuendoes. Those in particular who endeavor to spread negativity.
Most of us have been on the receiving end of a lie and most of us have been betrayed more than once. It’s a sad fact of life when you have to investigate everyone with a microscope before you trust them. Or is that simply cynicism on my part?
Plagiarism the liars tool, the theft of knowledge, The stupidity of plagiarism is that if they don't get caught they live in a world they cannot understand as they don't have any original thoughts. So like a thief in the night they steal words
~come flyin’ around the corner~ridin’ your bad-ass machine~there’s a government plan~an eighteen wheeler u-turning~you twist your head~to tell your Harley baby goodbye~white line~white linin’~ hundred dollar bill~never know what happened next~
When your soul is caught up and your soul is counted, are you ready?
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