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Dad and Molly are right in the middle of a murder investigation. They've interviewed the neighbors on either side of the victim. Dad's taken lots of notes and Molly's got a few clues of her own.
working life isn't long to spend it hanging around and doing nothing all day long.
A poem taking a look at a modern country (not labeling a singular one) and speaking about the subtle formula society has created. Asking simply for the reader to look around them with an open mind and look past the media. My second attempt at poetry and my first time posting to this ...
I've recovered from my last round of back surgeries to become the new school librarian, yet my health continues to deteriorate to the point that I must teach from an electric wheelchair while my wife becomes totally disabled via Social Security Disability. And the band plays on.
I asked a librarian friend a question that has puzzled me for ages.
Chapter four of the five part "Magic Book" story, Tom and Ruby are captured. read on to find out what happens next.
An addiction to book ownership and a love of written words on the page have shaped the person I am today. It all started with in childhood, when my parents were wise enough to buy books for me.
Like Dewey Readmore Books saga, the saga of Royal Reggie, the cat that inspired the founding of the Library Cat Society begins in the midst of a blustery, cold Midwestern night.
Discusses the librarian profession and the requirements to become a librarian.
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