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Libraries have long housed books, but they are much more than that...and the first place politicians want to cut.
The library is a great place...but, there are rules.
Letting cuts on education, a good teacher doesn't need many tools to work but her own technique to teach her bunch of children.
Like Charlie Brown and his friends, Mafalda is a lovable character created by Quino that tells us many truths about life and our daily living.
When a nine-year old boy had an idea to open a free library, his town said 'not so fast.'
I've recovered from my last round of back surgeries to become the new school librarian, yet my health continues to deteriorate to the point that I must teach from an electric wheelchair while my wife becomes totally disabled via Social Security Disability. And the band plays on.
No, I am not talking about a touchdown or a goal. It is the genre of my favorite books. Where do I find another that is similar?
Chapter four of the five part "Magic Book" story, Tom and Ruby are captured. read on to find out what happens next.
This article is about the virtual library which is our great site.
Now a days,empoyees are desired to complete their office work atleast 3 days a week, at grove,parks,libraries,bars,hotels,resorts,clubs, they can yield the double productivity
An archtect has come up with a brilliant use for phone booths.
Gaining and maintaining friends needs a matter of commitment. You must be committed to keep them and value them like you value a treasure.
Part two of "The Magic Book" ... What will Tom and Ruby find behind the big old oak door? read on to find out the secret of "The Room"
Like Dewey Readmore Books saga, the saga of Royal Reggie, the cat that inspired the founding of the Library Cat Society begins in the midst of a blustery, cold Midwestern night.
Dewey died on November 29, 2006. Dewey was a library cat, but he was no ordinary library cat. People came from as far away as Japan to see the library cat called Dewey.
Discusses the librarian profession and the requirements to become a librarian.
Libraries are, by their very nature, quiet and subdued places that people treat almost with reverence, so is it not tempting to liven them up a little?
Does your local public library have a resident library cat prowling the stacks? If your public library does not have a resident library cat, why does not it have a library cat? Library patrons love them, and they protect the books from marauding rodents. There have been 808 library ca...
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