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Chapter four of the five part "Magic Book" story, Tom and Ruby are captured. read on to find out what happens next.
Another Dolly Ducktail story, this time Dolly wants to try her hand at pottery, and as always with good intent,but what she shall make?
February 4th is the Celebration of 'National Libraries Day'. This is my humble tribute to Libraries everywhere. Long may you continue to educate and inspire the love of the written word in every Child and Adult who walks through your doors..
I am now 50 years old and I have noticed my eyesight getting worse in the last year or two. I used to love reading but I now find it difficult to read normal sized font books. Thank goodness for large print.
Part two of "The Magic Book" ... What will Tom and Ruby find behind the big old oak door? read on to find out the secret of "The Room"
I am a firm believer in reading.I read,my children both read.Books can be a great way to spend a rainy day,or relive history, but books can also be costly. My solution? The local public library!
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