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Examining the results of the 'Arab Spring' and the very long and dangerous Islamic Winter
Captain Jeremiah Murdock goes ballistic, as it were (and no pun intended) at the never-ending tendency of world leaders to declare war against each other, more often their weaker neighbors on no other pretext imaginable than self-interest, not to mention greed. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Co...
Captain Jeremiah Higgins takes a potshot at the banking establishment very much behind world governments' decisions and reiterates retaliatory measures if their people held captive are not released soon. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
It is time for an altruistic majority to set our agenda than allow a minority with selfish interests to ride roughshod over us. This will make our society not only truly democratic but also get our priorities right.
Gaddafi struck a great blow against obscurantism so prevalent in Islam , by recruiting women body guards. They were taught to kill and could use their weapons as well.
The result of 'protesting to protest' without any plan or government in waiting.
Gaddaffi was the world strongest leader who revamped libya economy to what it is today..
The very dark future for the Nations who enjoyed their 'Arab Spring' and now have entered the treacherous Islamic Winter
So that was that! It was a leap year full of hopes and expectations; sadness’s and joys this is an assemblage of news items you might have missed and some we all wish just never happened at all, I wish we could all work to make 2013 a better year but nevertheless I wish all our read...
Joe the donkey really had me working over time with his lies during this debate. I feel as if the Vice President of the United States would have a bit more dignity then this but, Joe once again showed me why I have no respect for him.
I feel that the President of the United States of America should answer not only to the American citizens about Libya but also, the worlds question of, what exactly is your plan Mr. President for world peace. Mr. President, are we now using the 'Biden plan'?
My opinion on what our reaction as a nation should be, to countries where American embassies are attacked.
Trying to figure where we the people fit into the events that have currently happened abroad.
Mitt Romney and how he is handling the tragedy in Egypt.
The 'Sudden' entrance of the Rebels into Tripoli had been well planned
Questioning if there has been some outside involvement in the Unrest in the Middle East
This poem is actually a satire one against the Arab States role in the current turmoil.
Sure, the al-Assad regime isn't exactly your grandma when when it comes to friendliness and respect for basic human rights, but why are the United States and European Union focusing on Syria? Of all the liberty and freedom-killing regimes in the Middle East, Syria is but one. In fact,...
Gaddafi is ousted with help from the West. But was it worth the effort if an Islamic regime is ushered in , which could be anti-secular, anti-west, anti-India
Gaddafi has gone, but he ruled for 42 years and showed the world that he was omnipotent. Why was he not ousted earlier ?
We have a saying down here in the south, “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” In light of global developments or lack thereof, here are some of my thoughts regarding just that.
Sign up now and get one month free with a year of free camel lodging, limit one per customer. When no else wants your sorry carcass even your family or former allies, you are always welcome here.
The French have intervened with their aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. They should succeed as there is no worthwhile opposition
The President of Libya is under seige and he has responded in a savage manner by attacking the protestors. It is about time the world saw to it that he was sent home
In Libya, the people fall in feverish unrest, And agony comes in tragic passion and zest, From the radiant point to myth and mystery, Striving to see through the deadly dark of humanity.
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