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Some things are too good to be true and some things are too good to be true.
The name of the poem says it all. As I grew up I had someone back stab me one way or another. Now that I am older I have a guard up and pick who will be my friend. People have to earn my friendship.
Without visiting india you cannot know relaity of the situation.
I wonder, how and under what conditions, a person invented lying - to say what is not in existence. Is this not the greatest invention of humanity on the Earth. A majority of us would like to call it a negative development. But there has been none on this earth who did never lie excep...
The concept of 'Truth' may be confusing. I do not have the true answer, do you?
Love is a contradiction. How soon we spoil anything wholesome.
sincere, like the singing of the birds I only see darkness in your words. sincere, like the singing of the birds I wish you were honest with me today
Lying to yourself and to others is a form of self-punishment. The falseness of such dishonesty appears real only to one who hates, and who doesn't love enough though. Hating is a refuge of the fearful. This poetry explores further these themes. The truth can never be compromised. ...
We are now in much safer, saner ground than during earlier times. However, the challenges never cease; they are now in perfecting, refining, our systems.
Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
I know we all tell lies...but it looks like men are exagerating when they actually fake a relationship
April PAD Challenge Day 2 from Robert Brewer the 2nd of the two for Tuesday prompt from that Tuesday to write a dark poem.
Oh, so THATS why I need to understand the meaning of the words Im saying!
Can 100 fibs a day really hurt dating someone or is little white lies ok to tell?
Slavery used to be so open, where you could see it, but now it’s more sinister, resorting to devious methods of capturing you!
It is time to tear down this government, and if not at the polls, then revolution is here. The time is now, not in your children’s future, for us to quell this anarchist government with a show of force on our, the People’s, side!
Time will pass us in a flash before we even get the chance to grasp it.
This page is about telling lies with our partner, we must avoid this habit.
"It’s clear – sunny deadly town, its square with old young bones is lined. Cold furtive faces wave the flag and soldiers guard them and the time..."
This page is about Telling Unwanted Lies, we must avoid this kind of habit
It is better not to say good things in bad company. They will never appreciate, but may even ridicule. See, what happens to the swan...
This article gives the reasons for why people telling lies in their life
A poem within a poem... This piece is about the effects of spreading lies. A rumor spread can cut like a knife... Friends that choose to believe were perhaps never really friends to begin with......
When you are young and in love with the idea of love, you can be blind to real motives at work in the relationship. But with age (hopefully) comes wisdom...
Leading expert in finances and business advises you on how to make sure you are not tricked out of your money.
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