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This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
Can 100 fibs a day really hurt dating someone or is little white lies ok to tell?
This page is about telling lies with our partner, we must avoid this habit.
This page is about Telling Unwanted Lies, we must avoid this kind of habit
This article gives the reasons for why people telling lies in their life
Need to know if someone is lieing? Here are a few pointers to be able to determine a lier.
This text is just the result of me coming to terms with the fear of having to leave my original self behind and letting the “me” that I know “die” in order to be able to live longer and hopefully better than I would if I had continued to fight this loosing battle I`ve been fig...
These are twin poems on the ways one sees liars and death.Two bitter inevitable pills of life.
After 10th grade I shifted to another school. I met a lot of new people there but they weren't really nice to me at first and I was getting so pissed off. Too much of lies, backstabbing, bitching, I started missing my old school and like always when I'm consumed by emotion I begin to ...
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