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Some things are too good to be true and some things are too good to be true.
A classic story of how a friend told a stupid lie to cover his tracks.
The Democratic party has been orchestrating a Clinton Presidency all along.
This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
Why spend money in meaningless best selling novels when there are other books that aren't best sellers, but they can be found in any good book shop and they can be as compelling as a latest fashionable one?
A poem for people who think they know their significant others when in reality you were blinded to what they were. The answer was right there, this poem shows us we need to open our eyes. When around people we can see that they are an Open book
On line bullying is growing simply because these people can operate from behind a computer screen. Here are some words of comfort if you have been affected
What brought the Dark Ages on and how and when did it actually begin? Who "began" the ONE GOD doctrine and would it catch on with the Seed People of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
There are those whom you suspect to always be lying about their pain and suffering, in order to get your money or to conceal the fact that they drank last night. It's horrible.
Every minute of every day, for no reason at all, Jews are grabbed on the street, skinned alive and put in pots to be made into delicious jewstews. Some are turned into lamp shades, some into dog food, and some are run over by some kind of vehicles. Jewpulp making vans they're called...
Till R&AW, CBI, NTRO continue to consider lazy greedy cheaters, liars and sluts offering sex bribes to be role models for India , there will many other sheena bora murder cases and similar frauds which will remain undetected for long.
A poem about love, and lies.and how the heart hold dear to the lovers.
The young child Octavian whom changes his name to Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria in the mid 2600’s. The Librarians who teach and tutor him, after twenty some years on the throne Ranulf starts to think back on his life. He reminisced about his mo...
On their article, The Guardian gives us a lot of figures and percentages, but they have failed to tell us the reason why sales have dropped.
We have huge problems, not only here at home, but all around the world. I have come to believe that much of our problems, and thus the world's problems is because of a willfully misleading media.
The scheming and stories of someone you trust comes to light in strange and unexpected ways. You can hardly believe that this good and best friend turn out to be a person you never expected. The truth will prevail, it's out there.
Is it true what the curator of the Miami Seaquarium says that if they let go an orca it will die soon? He claims Lolita will die just as he claims, that Keiko the whale who starred in the movie Free Willy died? Here is the truth. The reader can make an educated guess after reading thi...
Although there is no surefire way to prevent your children from lying, there are techniques to lessen the effect.
A review and commentary on President Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address.
A poem detailing what happens when trust is broken time and again and all the pain, heart ache, suffering that the lies will bring.
Welcome one! Welcome all, to this a doll’s tell about a plastic sad world were humans hide behind fake faces and masks. Come see humanity’s plastic world through poetry!
sincere, like the singing of the birds I only see darkness in your words. sincere, like the singing of the birds I wish you were honest with me today
A young man having already a girl companion was known to the other girl he is proposing now..
A large part of humanity today live a lie.People are, in general, no longer what they pretend to be.
Lying to yourself and to others is a form of self-punishment. The falseness of such dishonesty appears real only to one who hates, and who doesn't love enough though. Hating is a refuge of the fearful. This poetry explores further these themes. The truth can never be compromised. ...
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