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Why not be alive to realities of life Just because some one has to lead you astray
The other side reminds me of a young girl immensely in love.her heart to be operated early in the morning ....she knew.....
Oh friendly ones of Wikis...We all are in a similar boat ...some accidentally say same ..we all have sails ...some boats have pin holes a few bigger ones all depends on how you view
You all may continue to bask in your lovely imagery...why delve in misery .There is nothing beyond what is here the distant horizon know ye
Life must end Give it a reasonable modern dignified end Forget hopes of a REURN No one has ever come back yet nor will
We are conditioned to freely and unthinkingly make fun of others, and we often make derogatory remarks, all (very conveniently) under the guise of jest and humor. Perhaps we need to rethink before we hit the "forward" button on some of the messages and jokes receive - not just on our ...
Life is like a train journey The whistle blows the train moves and then continues the darkness falls as a curtain then see what happens
This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
We take pictures without so much as a second thought - we take pleasure in them. Why do we like pictures so much?
Life is a desert deserted without trees.The whole truth about life is we all live n a desrt made of our own
life is a romance..I can't battle with all minds who only faults try to find let them alone grind their mind
Birth life and love ere death is all there is to existence ALL KNOW AS NO ONE CAN DENY having seen a dead rat
Man is capable of destroying in a moment, what has taken years or eons to create. Does he have the right to destroy? What are the consequences?
A time to rejoice, and a time to contemplate and realize that rejoicing is available at every moment!
Not everything in this life is only black or white.
Do we really live beyond life.Jesus Christ Lords Rama and Krishna ,Gautama Buddha and may be the Mahatma Of India live for everrrrrrrrrr
Yes, life is hard, there is no doubt about it. But if you change your attitude, interesting things could happen.
This is a little poem about a calm autumn afternoon. Hope you ´ll like it.
And this is life.If we are pragmatic and don't blame the other we alone will be happy why about others bother
Little darling, can´t you guess what´s my real name and face? I am the wind, caressing your skin.
Soemtimes you only have to reach that place where your inner demons and dark thoughts roam freely.
Our society has been effected on all levels by the crimes committed by the need to feed drug habits. Young people are exposed to stronger and more potent substances .
Life imprisonment O actually its all about love what is it In actuality very few know all about love most are fakes
A short poem reflecting the writer's anger about the society he finds himself.
Sometimes, time is the only one capable to answer the doubts that linger inside of our soul.
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