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Some days it's as if the world is trying to test you and everything that you believe in. These are the days that you want to scream to the heavens, instead I opted to write them a letter.
Attaining salvation by abstaining from food is a common trait among Jains, a religious group. The courts today have banned the centuries old practice, but the judgement can be appealed against. The author iterates on the importance of life and living it fully.
This page is all about my bitter experience of life.I wanna share with everyone.I hope it will help them no matter if a little bit.Some experience are memorable for nice deed but those are not such useful for future.But the bitter experience are very useful for a nice future.You can r...
I was sitting in a coffee shop and watching people coming and going. Everybody seems to be happily coming and chatting, music on, apples and androids, tablets and touch screens and a cheerful environment. There is no such thing as worry/tension/depression which can be seen there and t...
This is about the importance of life, it is a gift from God above. We need to treasure it and use it in a right way.
Exhaustion can sneak up on you when you least expect it especially if you are constantly forcing yourself to go beyond your limits.
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