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This is a short poem on Life. Please read and enjoy!
Our minds are suspended in the volumes of recurring things, with such distractions the conscious state of our living being is being examine all the time with the purpose to form the rejuvenation of energy for more production.
These are some lessons I wish I had learned much earlier in life.
Personally I am not a planned man, and I don't dare to! But if we look into the other successful (!) men, it would reveal that most of them had plans to achieve... Why not share those experience too..
This is a story about how I feel right now in my life.
This is about education, how education affects our future. Education is very important for everyone.
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
It's amazing how easily we use words, yet sometimes our words can feel like emotional barbed wire to someone else. How conscious are you of the words you use?
You only live once. Smile if you can Laugh until you have stomach ache Cry sometimes. You need that.
This is just a collection of short stories based on reality and fiction.
Some people perceive our existence as a way of harmony and peace. That spending life is as easy as having a walk in the park. But life is more than that. Life is full of pain and heartaches, be ready to face disappointments and surpass the daily struggles in life,
You may have been one time very introvert during your younger years. You would often see other kids your age to be much ahead of you in terms of having the latest toys, clothes, shoes and even being in the best schools which one would dream of. Of course, everything is all material wh...
This is a discourse consequent to those who teach things, for which only imagination is evidence
Why Inner Peace and Tranquility have become so uncommon today? This is the basic question everyone disillusioned by current lifestyle wants to ask. These 7 thoughts are pointers to the path leading to inner peace and true happiness
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
A little dark and dreary, but the outcome is always beautiful.
Inspiration to go after your much desired goals or wishes in life
Designed to help people think about their actions, thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles, routines and attitudes on subjects such as love, friendship, appearances and academic life
In the minds of women, stunning looks to be supported by a sleek body. No wonder many women work hard to lose weight in order to achieve an ideal body weight. Various restrictions began to be avoided in order to achieve a successful diet program. But unfortunately, not all women know ...
This article illustrates you to love your life to live it happily.
We all write ,compose ,comment and pick up our fans .Hence my views for whatever be their worth
This poem emanates from the mind of a poet who desires to appoint ones destiny
A teacher is only to assist students to recognise their potential. However, a teacher needs to learn more about personal responsibility and attitude. A teacher needs to know how to manage his 'madness' because a teacher is also a human with personal weakness.
A life is a must be experienced by everyone that everyone has this chance. Just how to make it worthwhile.
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