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Lemongrass And Orange. Here's an abstract I believe can speak for itself.
I find, on the spirit journey, satan sought to bend, distort, manipulate and misrepresent your life to fit into his will, even, without your consent to get you to conform into that and forsake the Lord. Here's a short spiritual warfare poem.
Part two. Character and integrity are golden. Society will try to tell you who you are and are not without knowing you. Don't accept that. You tell society who you are. Those in Light with the Bible truth withinside will understand.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of faith and persecution. In time, one can learn to draw inspiration from anything.
Another upbeat, intense, spiritual warfare poem of life. God allows stuff to mold us to be used by Him.
An abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and identity. Broken Tokens.
A short spiritual poem of truth and love. Love poems: a cornerstone.
Two major doorways for sin in society. Things that create widespread damage and destruction spiritually. Magic and temptation. God is faithful though. Here's a spiritual warfare poem. God has brought me a long way. My craft is still attacked by demonic forces with lies and malice but ...
Here's a lengthy intense spiritual warfare poem of a new original style experiment. Starting off simple and increase in complexity. It's still rhyme though.
A short identity poem. With God, I'm feeling so suspended in the atmosphere just like the earth is. Light is life.
The concept of being "blind", "sleep" or spiritually dead is not of the Light. For God is of the living and the Spirit allows ignorance to nothing. Faith is eternal. The Word is eternal. Tribulation is fleeting though. For all who choose righteousness.
Just a poem expressing three sides of a particular point in time long ago. Random times as these were significant periods in time I'd come to know God personally.
The path we end up on depends on who we live for. The pride of life can easily beset those who have succeeded at achieved goals. The Light is a matter of humility before anything.
A spiritual warfare poem of identity. Here I talk about more good and bad in my own spiritual life and reaffirm my position with Light to the devil.
This is pretty much an abstract identity poem. Spiritual warfare based.
Things that comfort me: God, poetry, pleasing aromas, and healthy foods (well, I'm trying to eat healthier anyway). Such things always calms my soul but the Spirit of God does the most. The devil tried to throw me off but God recenters me though thorns will be present.
Life must end Give it a reasonable modern dignified end Forget hopes of a REURN No one has ever come back yet nor will
A spiritual warfare poem of life, persecution and truth.
It's important, it's important, it's important that a vessel has an accurate perception. And the world as well. I'm hungry for understanding and thirsty for righteousness. That's all I can see for myself at this point in life. Utterly enthralled by the goodness and the Light.
I've witnessed some highs and lows in life. Clarity and obscurity. Such things enable understanding of God's movements and actions in the lives of His children. Everything from pain and peril to joy in refuges, God doesn't make trash. For it is satan who yearns to pervert all He has ...
I know for certain that it was the grace of God allowing me to be great. The world didn't owe me and God surely didn't. The goodness of God exalted me beyond comprehension as my desire to do His will expands. Eternally.
A spiritual warfare poem of growth and understanding for me. Though, now the Light consumes entire aspects of my life, it wasn't always the case. Even then though, God never gave up or forsaken me. The cold times taught me how to stay warm. And cool...
A spiritual warfare poem about persecution and life.
A view of life from my side, A view on the youngsters of India ,the education system A view on the thinking of an Indian student. .
We all go back to where we started. The primitive, plain and non-complex living with the basics.
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