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I tell you, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. This wouldn't be the first time though. I often hear supernatural psalms that not in existence yet through dreams and visions. Here's a short poem regarding this.
A spiritual warfare poem of demarcation and truth. Never fear the devil.
"Some Stuff I Don't Know" is an abstract spiritual warfare poem. One that will speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem of heavy persecutions. No matter what I face, my faith in God will still remain. He's brought me out of some very dark situations and I'm forever grateful for the Light and all in it.
A spiritual warfare poem of observation. After a few major elements are embraced, the details work themselves out. This poem can generally speak for itself.
Small pointers that help me take on the worst that life has to offer. I hope it helps some of out folks out there.
Life has a different meaning for each one of us. So as you compare your life with my poetry let me know the difference
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth and light. It can speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem embracing this particular aspect of persecution from the net of evil that has so eagerly positioned itself in opposition of me. The devil envies the Lord. The devil destroys the souls of men rather cunningly because God created them. It's a part of life. Here'...
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. The persecution has intensified. This poem can generally speak for itself and God stands with me. Through whatever I must face. Do not fret the evil in the world. Just grow in faith.
Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth. It can speak for itself.
I've recent been spiritually promoted by God into a new season in the wilderness. The persecution still remain but I'm getting used to it. Here's another spiritual warfare poem of truth and growth.
For the past couple of years, the hardest part of my persecution of the journey was how personal they were. I didn't understand or, rather, underestimated the power of the darkness. A few weeks ago, God told me that He would be opening my eyes to some things I was blind & I believe th...
The age of my years can be summed up when that gray has turned white
An abstract poem of spiritual truth. Glory to unto the Lord in and out of season.
I've noticed a lot of changes along this spiritual journey compared to when I first started. Now, the atmosphere is more "rigid" than it used to be. It feels as though there's a large wind pushing my passion back though I go still. Resistence that didn't used to be there. It could be ...
An abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and life. War, but not war in it's more familiar form, but spiritual and lyrical war. I shall destroy all word curses that are hindering the fruit of my labor. Obsessively.
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. It can generally speak for itself. Many different parts of society.
A spiritual warfare poem of persecutions and not losing sight of your worth.
A poem of spiritual and society truth. Can speak for itself.
This story sells itself by inference as it goes along and relies for its context upon the clues scattered within its generalities and has as its bearing the vagaries of the human condition in confluence with life as it flows and so should not be mistaken for anything else but what you...
Life is like a train journey The whistle blows the train moves and then continues the darkness falls as a curtain then see what happens
A spiritual warfare poem of power. This new poem can generally speak for itself.
One of the main things to look out for in spiritual warfare is being blindsided. That's one of the devil's main weapons. He'll get you preoccupied with small attacks that you miss the big attacks he's sending to your empire. Fighting him head up is the easy part.
A poem about life and striving for holiness during fiery trials. Intentions of inspiration. Happy Holidays to all!
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