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"Ignore Me Then" is a mellow spiritual warfare poem about life and more secret of the spirit battle. God continues to display His faithfulness (even globally) as I use any gifts I have to exalt Him. I write only from the heart.
Even if the person God has given the gift of immortality, but the virtual world has shown that possible. Artificial intelligence through a new social networking site, you can always be immortal.
A poem of spiritual truth and societal perspective. Acute.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of faith and identify. Two of the devil's main targets of mankind. Enjoy.
An abstract spiritual poem of truth. Remain content in all seasons.
Here's a God-ward spiritual poem of praise and worship. Hallelujah! God has been so good to His people!
A spiritual warfare poem of truth. At times, the battle may seem weighty and longrunning but the love of God endures forever. Though the pain is very real. Though the uncertainty is very real, never forget that God will not leave nor forsake those who order their steps in His Word. Do...
Here's a poem with parts about a dream the Lord wanted me to think about. It can generally speak for itself.
Like many of my other poems, Emeraldy Flame Shadows was scripted around faith, life and challenges. God is Light and omnipotent. This season has been full of spirit riches and revelation. God is expanding.
Imagine for a moment you're walking outside all alone only to be blanketed by the deep blue sky. What's your favorite color? What takes all your cares away? Well, mine is a deep blue that can never be duplicated and it's power is only dreamed of. It will take your breath away and ...
A spiritual warfare poem of identity and intense persecution that comes along with it. The demonic campaigns against me individually sporadically continue. Utilizing interchangeable methods that attempt to bring about the same results. Nonetheless, what God gave to me success-wise is ...
The teal station-wagon finally failed.. I don't fully know what it means or how to feel about it. It's normal and even this description doesn't disclose the full details of these events but I tried to get close as I can while it was still hot. Eerie.
A poem embracing stillness and meditation. A lot of times we pray and don't listen to God's response but He does reply. Just an example. Sometimes, one has cancel out the turbulence of the surrounding world and quicken to the voice of the Most High for wisdom and understanding. Mindfu...
An abstract spiritual poem about life's journey and the pursuit of dreams. It can speak for itself.
"Soaked Leaves" for the sake of the muse. Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and life. Often times, at this point in my spiritual journey, God will tell me when and what to embrace and release. I don't realize why until after He validates me to. That's mostly regarding...
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of original design. Another one. Glory to God. May you enjoy.
An abstract spiritual nature poem. Rustic Liveliness.
"Heart In Marriage" is an abstract romance poem with a spiritual overtone. Haven't scripted one of these in quite some time.
Here's an abstract poem of spiritual truth about life and glorifying God. Thanks to all fans and supporters. God bless. I pray it can find you.
Don't falter if you follow the Light. Hold on to the Lord's unfailing hand no matter what you face.
An abstract spiritual warfare poem embracing my thoughts on this particular topic.
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
A spiritual warfare poem of light and embracement of a few aspects of this battle that grew my faith. Things I cherish as power that can give light and life to any in the Light who can read my stuff. Glory to God.
God is moving me towards new contingencies in spiritual warfare. Here's as abstract poem of truth.
I tell you, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. This wouldn't be the first time though. I often hear supernatural psalms that not in existence yet through dreams and visions. Here's a short poem regarding this.
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