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I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream
In this writing you’ll be guided through Uddeśa Meditation, the authentic meditation technique, in discovering your purpose in life, the reason for your existence. This fourth step is the essential part of discovering your dream.
My life and the way I live, this is not for everyone, most people just can not handle it. For me this is a very simple life and make me happy. Simple for me is much better.
We all have a dream for our life, a lifestyle we all long for, but unfortunately with getting caught up in our daily grind to make a living, our dreams get buried underneath all the stresses and expectations that our current lifestyle demands from us.
Maasai culture and livehoods are in danger of extinction if the trend of selling their land and buying all sorts of things.
People’s biggest wish is to have their life over and to avoid the mistakes they’ve made which caused them so much unhappiness and pain. To most of us it is an unattainable dream, something we wish for but intellectually know that it’s impossible. But there is a way...
In modern society our success is measured in how much money we have. Money gives people the sense of entitlement, the more money we have, the bigger our ego gets. The root to all unhappiness is money. Millions of marriages end up in divorce because of the lack of money or too much of ...
Autobiographical moments in the life of myself and my friend. We think we can't cope when in reality, we have a firm grip on life. We just like to be dramatic. This is the first draft of the introduction of the book I aim to complete.
This article talks about paradox. When we find our own real selves, in a way, we have then also found God. This is the paradox of God. He is all things to all people, whilst at the same time, he's still remaining nothing to all of us, that do not want to know him, or to believe in ...
A poem about the ups and downs of my life. My home life, my childhood, . my youth, my love life
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