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This is a different sort of fashion article. This is an article about work ethic, life, living, and how to do it with persistence, perseverance and gusto. This is a unique article also, full of reality, integrated facts about life and rational understanding. Are you game? I am going t...
Rumors are inevitable. We all experience their attacks at some point or other in our lives. What will gives us the strength to deal with those situations?
It has become so easy for us to have and hold feelings of hatred, jealousy, apathy, and indifference. Do we realize this enough, on a personal basis, and realize its import, in our individual and social existence?
Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream
In this writing you’ll be guided through Uddeśa Meditation, the authentic meditation technique, in discovering your purpose in life, the reason for your existence. This fourth step is the essential part of discovering your dream.
We all have a dream for our life, a lifestyle we all long for, but unfortunately with getting caught up in our daily grind to make a living, our dreams get buried underneath all the stresses and expectations that our current lifestyle demands from us.
People’s biggest wish is to have their life over and to avoid the mistakes they’ve made which caused them so much unhappiness and pain. To most of us it is an unattainable dream, something we wish for but intellectually know that it’s impossible. But there is a way...
Why do some souls reincarnate many times? Except for the highly-evolved ones who volunteer to return and, as "masters," to assist the "toddlers," others are reborn to experience again the lessons they had failed to learn, despite the masters' teachings, to nurture their evolution. - ...
Memories that remind you of your humanity. Such memories leave an indelible mark upon your psyche.
A shattered dream in life. A tattered family torn apart. Who is in control of the heart?
Mothering Sunday is a wonderful celebration of the woman who brought you into this world, and thousands of children and adults will be spending Sunday 10th March doing just that here in the UK.. My own thoughts and tribute to a great mum and the wonder of motherhood in all its glory.
"Same Day Commute" came from a memory of commuting when I lived in London as a young man. It took two hours every day. True there were not iPhones, or Laptops in those days but Poetic License is allowed....
Lifestyle of health and sustainability is becoming a popular notion to choose. People who belong to this group enjoy being consumers, but are always ecologically correct.
Esoteric Astrological Psycho-Anlalysis engages the person in a long observant expository ardent search of definitive self-discovery. We are all motivated by subconscious drives we neither understand nor appreciate. MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology offers deep insight into co...
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