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The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.
Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream
In this writing you’ll be guided through Uddeśa Meditation, the authentic meditation technique, in discovering your purpose in life, the reason for your existence. This fourth step is the essential part of discovering your dream.
My life and the way I live, this is not for everyone, most people just can not handle it. For me this is a very simple life and make me happy. Simple for me is much better.
We all have a dream for our life, a lifestyle we all long for, but unfortunately with getting caught up in our daily grind to make a living, our dreams get buried underneath all the stresses and expectations that our current lifestyle demands from us.
Maasai culture and livehoods are in danger of extinction if the trend of selling their land and buying all sorts of things.
People’s biggest wish is to have their life over and to avoid the mistakes they’ve made which caused them so much unhappiness and pain. To most of us it is an unattainable dream, something we wish for but intellectually know that it’s impossible. But there is a way...
Uddeśa Meditation ~ Step by Step Guide To practice Uddeśa Meditation is very simple and you don’t need to be an expert at meditation to gain the full benefit of it. This step by step guide is based on the way in which the original and authentic meditation was practiced.
Modern society as we know it today, got it all wrong. By the conditioning and expectations of society, we lost ourselves. Our lives revolve around materialistic accumulations and instant gratification. Since birth we get conditioned to adhere to the expectations of modern society. So ...
In modern society our success is measured in how much money we have. Money gives people the sense of entitlement, the more money we have, the bigger our ego gets. The root to all unhappiness is money. Millions of marriages end up in divorce because of the lack of money or too much of ...
All about Passionate careers and Positive lifestyle views
Back in the day, they did believe in magic. What happened since then? What changed them? Was It time that did it, or was it something else? Maybe some people stay young forever, maybe they know a secret that they keep selfishly from the rest, who knows?...
Our lifestyles are sure to change faster with robots and automation playing an increasing part in our daily lives. We will be faced with excess of idle time in our hands with the adage ever relevant – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Let us hope as we progress we take care to h...
A few keys to managing your blood sugar before serious complications can arise.
We definitely live in a ruthless world that always pushes us towards making more money, getting a better job, doing more, being more…
Are you sick and tired of going on one diet after another and getting "0" results. Do you REALLY want to know how to lose weight permanently and achieve better overall health? You'll never go on a "diet" again once you find out how to make small changes in your lifestyle that will tra...
Generations before us have wondered at the enormity of the Universe and our role in the whole creative process. The more we unravel the puzzles of Creation, the more are the mysteries yet to uncover - wheels within endless wheels!
This page is about the fast span life, we must take some rest to get peace of mind
The month of September is the National Cholesterol Education Month in the US. Blood cholesterol is the main culprit of heart diseases in the country, affecting more than 65 million Americans.
I have now reached that part of my life that some fear and some look forward to Retirement, find out how I am coping.
Ideas can sell everything. As per research the success rate of an innovative idea is quite high. Every five seconds idea is being sold quite lucratively. But the most important thing is that how it could be innovative.
Explores how people often look at other people's lifestyles, wealth and possessions with envy. It then looks at life from the opposite side and explores all their problems as well.
Lifestyle of health and sustainability is becoming a popular notion to choose. People who belong to this group enjoy being consumers, but are always ecologically correct.
Diabetes Day and Indian Children's Day coincide on November 14. Statistics say that diabetes is increasing in India, especially among growing children. Children are the future of India. They can build up a healthy India, only if they are hale and healthy.
The level of cholesterol in the bloodstream greatly affects the risk of developing heart disease. You can do a number of things to lower high cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs.
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