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The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.
Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream
In this writing you’ll be guided through Uddeśa Meditation, the authentic meditation technique, in discovering your purpose in life, the reason for your existence. This fourth step is the essential part of discovering your dream.
We all have a dream for our life, a lifestyle we all long for, but unfortunately with getting caught up in our daily grind to make a living, our dreams get buried underneath all the stresses and expectations that our current lifestyle demands from us.
People’s biggest wish is to have their life over and to avoid the mistakes they’ve made which caused them so much unhappiness and pain. To most of us it is an unattainable dream, something we wish for but intellectually know that it’s impossible. But there is a way...
Uddeśa Meditation ~ Step by Step Guide To practice Uddeśa Meditation is very simple and you don’t need to be an expert at meditation to gain the full benefit of it. This step by step guide is based on the way in which the original and authentic meditation was practiced.
Modern society as we know it today, got it all wrong. By the conditioning and expectations of society, we lost ourselves. Our lives revolve around materialistic accumulations and instant gratification. Since birth we get conditioned to adhere to the expectations of modern society. So ...
In modern society our success is measured in how much money we have. Money gives people the sense of entitlement, the more money we have, the bigger our ego gets. The root to all unhappiness is money. Millions of marriages end up in divorce because of the lack of money or too much of ...
All about Passionate careers and Positive lifestyle views
We definitely live in a ruthless world that always pushes us towards making more money, getting a better job, doing more, being more…
Alternative lifestyle at a glance, steps on to reform, the fears they spark, hides the truth from overwhelming evidence; living in application awaiting decision over ones true identity
Wise and enduring choices in life can never be replaced by passing fads however enchanting they may appear. The basics of wholesome life will always remain the same; they are contentment, love and peace. Easy though it may appear to achieve, but human mind proves complex.
There are societies which are formed based on food habits. Some support while others oppose it.
Explores how people often look at other people's lifestyles, wealth and possessions with envy. It then looks at life from the opposite side and explores all their problems as well.
Lifestyle of health and sustainability is becoming a popular notion to choose. People who belong to this group enjoy being consumers, but are always ecologically correct.
It is a lifestyle choice to become wealthy but goes with great sacrifices too. One needs to become aware of the risks so that any setback is taken as par for the course. The higher one rises the harder is the fall. When we don't aspire for such a lifestyle, we need also to appreciate ...
The problems and solutions to leading a healthy life.
Here I share my opinion about why we must hold ourselves accountable for our own choices!
He really does love you so don't shy away from him. God will give your life a whole new sixth demention if you would just let him in.
In times like these it's important to find a place of strength. I don't know about England and Wales, But the crime rate here in the US is high. In the words of one police officer I knew, "Things get hectic around here!"
When we follow the teachings of the bible, the only conclusion that we should come to is that the objective is a better tomorrow, because if this is all there is for us, what a waste!
Is it possible you could lead a happier and fuller life by giving up sex?
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