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truly a wonderful adventure awaits all who take the six day cruise aboard Hotel barge Rosa....a superb way to enjoy the pleasures of nature, fabulous cuisine, local wines and is a Journey of a Lifetime
Because sometimes the right love, the right soul mate, is an addiction.
This opinion piece is about time. The author claims time is relative. We live by our own time. Love lives outside of all time as God. When creation was created, time was created individually linked as a part of each part of that creation. Like time is said to have started with th...
Most watches just tell you the time. But what about a watch that also tells you how long you have left to live?
This is about love and relationship. This is about spending the rest of our life to the person we want to be with. This is about two people loving each other.
Thoughts are Powerful! My heart tells me God talks to us from the inside where our thoughts live. Could cleansing our mind of negative and unproductive thoughts open channels for better communicating with God?
Though our evolution back into the Heart of God we go through many different lifetimes...some good, some not so good!!! we are loved, hated, jealoused happens to many of us in this on and enjoy....
Many lifetimes we have had as many people, rich, poor, black, white, noble, peasant all sorts. Of course some of you dont believe this and others will say cnwriter you are nuts...I really dont care for I Know and that is all that matters....
A little boy dies leaving his cousin with a memory that would last a lifetime.
Here some tips are shared for increasing the life of laptop battery.
,,,,a place of youthful dreams to the last, as dreams are harder to vision as we get old. is your way to the people that you care about and likes to stay in touch with
A short poem about love going wrong, and the hope you still hold on to
This fiction is about a nonchalant Casanova, who gives a DAMN to the WORLD. He aspires to be Jim Morrison one day. He is told he needs to pass through a heartbreak to be one like them. During jaunt for his passion, he meets Heer – girl who who stumbles his life forever….Yup no gue...
This poem is a spontaneous out-pour of my thoughts that just came upon my intriguing mind while I was enjoying one of the excellent poems on Wikinut.
My perspective of the world and how it works. As this topic is quite vast (enough that I could write an encyclopedia on it) I'll overly simplify it as much as I can and divide it into a few parts...
Another older romantic piece about love, beauty, forever, and joy of love of a lifetime.
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