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A short light poem seeking answers of life, humankind and the dilemma within human.
The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
He was the one to break through her ice sheild. And shes falling hard!!
Struggling to find the light in the dark, she finds a hand that lifts her up.
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
I draw the curtains of my room in Tower Mansion in order to get dressed for bed without being seen from outside.
Everyone is different and has a different point of view. This poem is about respecting other and looking for the good parts of everyone. Why do we see people different from us, in such a bad light?
This poem is about the shadow self. The shadow self-projects its fears in our rear. These in turn shadow us from ourselves. Turn around and see the truth. There are no shadows being created from love at any time. A candle creates shadows for others, not for itself. It burns from i...
This is a page of poetry. It is written in different forms of poetry. Some are short, some are long. Life often pushes us into a corner. We must see that the sun is still shining on us there too. Cheer yourself up by either reading or writing some poetry. Let some more light into som...
Even when only darkness seems to be on our way, we must keep looking out for sunnier days.
An interesting story of a two friends and a girl supposed to be of goodluck.
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
This is a personal recount of how I am not very observant, although there takes both observant and intuitive people like me to make a world.
Review of 33 min documentary hosted by David Wilcock on Gaiam-TV's "Wisdom Teachings" #110, about Danny Ben Or's scientific studies about how prayer heals
The Saturday the Holy Week is called Holy Saturday. It has a special ritual of preparing the holy fire. Fire is an important element of nature. The churches rejoice over the victory of Jesus.
This is a poem about the nature of man and how the light of day can change the world.
Welcome to the world of Chihuly the artist, the effulgent genius that echoes--reverberates--creativity, expression, fantasy against the perfectionism that deems to dominate our thoughts, ideas, and stop them before they are realized. How can we find the cork to our fear and release i...
For many of us staying in camp sites isn´t just a way to travel and to have cheap accommodation. People are a lot friendlier and talkative.
When we seem dead and buried within life's muddy waters, it is then that we must throw ourselves a life-raft. By getting closer to who we really are, by being our real selves, we can see through these muddy waters to the distant star that we are. To really be our real selves, we need...
Oh, to enjoy the day, so, awake, and have at it! Read more:
The key to a blissful life filled with love and peace is to live a life true to yourself. With the conditioning of modern society and the pressures of our daily grind to make a living, our minds get consumed by the lifestyle society expects from us. Where we live, what car we drive, w...
The speed of light is one of the fundamental constants in physics, but scientists at the University of Glasgow this week announced that they have managed to find a way to slow light in free space, something that has never been achieved before. Scottish physician has successfully slow ...
A brand new day was there...Soon, the dark nightmares would be only a very distant memory destined to get lost into the dust of time.
This short poem makes reference to a gentle feeling, something so small, and yet, capable to change ones life.
Yes, it was nothing but a very small piece of a precious jewel, but its light shone more brighlty than the same sun
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