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I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
Read about life in the 1950's in a small East African bush town called Kongwa where going outside at night was not quite the thing to do, especially not for women and children on their own!!
Kevin Sweefarend is still remembering what he read from the book, "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", when he was trying to kill time whilst working as a shepherd. Quite a funny piece of writing...
While Mother and I are working in Studio B, Mr. Specter comes to call at the door. Mother goes to hear what he wants. "Where should we put that lion?", he asks.
Globally has racism become an immediate factor in the discovery that certain people still have not grown past their infant understanding that no price must be put on another life for all must live in freedom. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
A vivid dream, but I remembered enough to compose. Should there be any budding dream interpreters reading this, would you enlighten me please.
In this article, I discuss the must see wildlife in National Parks throughout the world.
Not yet ably to find the answer to my question I travel even further back in time.
It is a poem revealing the truth about the selfish world leaders
The lion King,a movie made in late 19s By was actually made for kids but people of all ages love this movie.
The mind continued in searching and asked about the meaning of the reactions which didn't have actions from the story of Jesus Christ. In here you see reactions from the period of prophet Moses which made me conclude that my spirit was alive in his time. It appeared clearly that I pla...
The tiger and the lion are lovable cats, but can be ferocious. They have distinct roars as well.
A tale about lions in india and a man who recues them
Sometimes, life's lessons are brought home on a final note
The Asiatic lion is almost extinct, but it is nurtured and the species allowed to grow under controlled environment in the Gir forest in Western India
If we were lions in Africa how would we live? What would we have to do to survive and produce kin that would survive us? To learn how to hunt, fight, and protect a pride is to be a lion -- this article takes a deeper more personal look into a lions life, and there's a lesson behind ...
A write about betrayal how when someone makes someone else look bad
Explores the idea that physical size counts for little in life. Looks at life from a different angle, where it is the size of the heart that is important as opposed to how tall or short a person might be.
We all know that there is nothing more fearsome than a scorned woman. She is vicious and revengeful. The closest in viciousness to her are gay men as I have experienced a number of times. This piece is dedicated to just one of them. I still have lots of good friends amongst them an...
The article speaks about the charm of visiting Jaipur Zoo during Diwali.
A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear
Firefox 9 comes with major improvement in terms of interference and increase in suability with lot of solved bugs.
Isaiah 65:25 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD.
Can you imagine how awesome it would be when a male lion were to be crossed with a tigress?
This poem is dedicated to my fellow Wikinutter Steve Kinsman.
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