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Better to resist the temptation to utter every thought that comes to mind. Also do not attend every argument that you are invited to.
“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”--Charles Dickens (This poem is inspired by the above quote, and I in my own exposure, I can move on, I can live.)
Your lips... I admire them Your lips... I I love them Your lips... I'm in love
It's so true, that love always makes men a poet. it's this lovely feeling that they fall in love.
this is a love poem where you can realize how love twist with nature. Nature is the source of love and we went back to nature when we felt to realize love the only commitment where we stand forever without any cause.
This is about the meeting of two lovers who shared much passion in another lifetime. Now though centuries have passed they have been re-united to once again indulge their is quite sensual!!!!!
Do you want to figure out this three steps to have a beautiful and healthy lips?
MAc lipsticks, new product from mac and its velvet and for girls and women, is it for u?
This poem highlights the significance of human eyes - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This poem depicts a shower of love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Endless Love is theme of this two love lyrics - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The Poem depicts the real love coupled with the lust instincts of human - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
5 makeup you all girls need to buy and they are good and though some pricey
for fair bright skin and for dark areas and dry lips here is a good review, lotus is not really famous product.
This is a prose poem on "KISS" and its interpretations - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
WARNING: THIS IS A VERY EROTIC PIECE ADULT CONTENT. This is one of the most erotic poems I have ever written. Written for someone special.
Sometimes we pay for just that one moment we let loose, and we enter the realm of responsibility for a little carelessness.
We know that lips are one of the attracting part of girl or women. It helps to improve beauty of face and attraction. There are many methods to keep your lips alive and beautiful. But all of them are not natural.
Have you ever wished, and hoped, and prayed, that you could go back and start over in anything? Work, play, or love?
Every women wish to keep her skin soft and tender like a baby, it is must for ladies to maintain skin soft for ever. They have to follow some tips like this.
Lips are important part of the face and which immediately draw the attention of the people, Having the perfect lips are crucial for any one, so we have to care our lips with these tips
At home, all natural beauty care and makeup is something many women have experimented with over the years. Let's go to see how take care of our lips
In winter due to cold the lips may be chapped, to protect your lips there are several tips to keep safe your lips
I believe that God made somebody for everyone, whether it be.A soul mate, A friend, A life Partner. Or a Lover. We are blessed to have these people in our life's. to comfort us, to love us and to always be there when we feel we have lost control.
This poetry is about listening to somebody that you used to know and love, Only you have moved on, and no longer feel the same way as they do.. Time to say Goodbye
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