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"Give a girl the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world."
Younger look with new lipstick. The choice of colour is the main factor to consider to achieve the look you want.
How to do ombre lips with 3d effects. With great emphasis on the new lip paints from LaGirl lip paints with its new colors gleam and hot mess. Captivate your lips in high quality treatment in a tube.
You should never share your makeup because infections can spread easily through makeup. Never share your makeup even with your close friends and family members to avoid infections transmitted through makeup. Taking proper care of your makeup products helps to prevent infections.
In my experience, Women do not have complicated lives when it comes to homosexuality. They tend to be simple and straightforward. Yes, I said straight and no, do not pardon the pun. When writing your Lesbian characters do it with respect and care.
They are a few in the news, and some in very important political and commercial positions. They are a step above a Butch Lesbian.
The reader knows that she is bisexual only because she is sleeping with Stephanie and with Steve
Butch lesbians are a different breed of lesbians. They are the counterparts of the Effeminate Men.
This is a cute and funny way to call feminine women who like women. The concept is that since they are feminine and wear lipstick, they are Lipstick Lesbians. It is the counterpart of Straight Acting Gay Men.
Making up our lips is a simple way to add color and in some cases to highlight our face, however one of the most common concerns is how to do to make lipstick last longer? Share some tricks that will help prolong the color of your lipstick and make it a long lasting makeup so that you...
An easy and creative way to keep all your cosmetics organized and clutter-free.
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
Can any body checked the ingredients of the food we are consuming daily, some may contains, lead, arsenic, cellulose,bugs etc etc
There are some things that are often missing from the attention of the women in applying makeup.
Whenever you go for a lip gloss, what are the qualities you look for? Are you concerned about the price yet you still want quality stuff? Well taking a look at some brands and comparing them, I come up with list list of my best lip glosses!
Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that applies color, texture, and protection to the lips.
No time for long sessoins in the parlour. Here comes the easy to go tips for your nightouts
My Barometer Pal a poem showing how you can not always rely on your barometer....
Most women are fond of visiting a beauty parlour because it is the place where the things to which they are attracted the most are available in varities. You understand-the creams, perfumes, lipsticks, lip gloss, face products etc, etc. For attending marriages, parties, functions and ...
This article gives simple tips on how to make your day a Happy Day!
Lipsticks are one of the most fashionable craze for women, however picking the best one is not an easy task. The color of your lipstick could make or break your overall appearance so you have to be very careful when choosing the one for you.
Make up doesn't have to be boring! Have fun experimenting with color!
Red Lipstick is a statement that women have earned the right to champion. It has been the trademark of a woman as far back as history can tell. Thanks to iconic actresses like Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren it will always symbolize a woman's freedom, independence and beauty.
Red lips and a smileā€¦it is a classic look that has withstood the test of time, and is a symbol of confidence, sex appeal, and success. What more could you ask for?
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