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I finally beat the master after three years of playing...and losing to him on a regular basis. I found to get better, I had to play someone better than myself.
The index card had 'peanut butter' written on the front. Little did I know how much those two words were going to change my life.
Just as lighthouses warn ships of danger to come, so too I had someone in my life that cared enough to bring me the light of Jesus Christ.
Fueling Air Force Two was one of my favorite memories of my career in the military.
I prayed for a Christian friend...and God answered that prayer in the first hour.
With 10,000 military in the region, they would only replace towels twice per week.
I agreed not to smoke cigars in our apartment, until...
I had my horse at two different saddle clubs...and the differences between the two were sickening.
I was so looking forward to eating my hush puppies after fueling up an airplane...but, he ate them.
In 25 years, I never found the 'real' Air Force...or did I?
Phonies won't be in heaven...they are great pretenders.
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